Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yelg-Froth (Wermspittle)

This IS the 30mm-scale version...
No. Enc.: 1 (1)
Alignment: (50%) Neutral (50%) Chaotic
Movement: 30' (10') [any surface, cannot swim/cross open water]
Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4+ see below
Save: F4
Morale: 10

Huge, noisome masses of blood-tinged bubbles wreathed in an unwholesome frothiness derived from the inner-cellular plasm of their former prey, Yelg-Froth slither, shimmy and slide along floors, walls and ceiling alike, seeking out their next morsel.

They reek of fermentation and exude a constant localized miasma of partly-flammable gasses that will cause torches and similar open flames to flicker fitfully and to emit a rancid, sooty smoke that will reduce visibility to under 10' for as long as the fire-source remains within 60' of the Yelg-Froth.

A Foul Lingering Stench
Yelg-Froths belch forth a nauseating stream of noxious vapors in a cone that is 90' long and 30' wide at the farthest extent. Anyone caught in this conical stream of foul gasses must make a Save or take 1d4 damage and suffer a penalty of -2 to DEX for 2d10 turns. Even if the victim does make their Save, the stench will linger upon their gear for 3d4 days, making all CHAR reactions suffer a penalty of -2 during that period of time. A number of remedies for eliminating the lingering stench are specified in various herbals, apothecary manuals and the like, and there are snake-oil salesfolk who will gladly tout their various illicit elixirs as having the ability to remove this stench...but alas...nothing really works. It stinks and it sticks.

Do Not Expose To Open Flame
Yelg-Froth are highly flammable, once you get past their protective layer of oozy post-cellular slime. Dousing them with flaming oil, especially after piercing their defenses has a 50-50% chance of causing the creature to explode, violently inflicting 4d6 on everything caught within a 90' radius and forcing a Save at -2 or else catch on fire as well. The burning goo that was formerly a Yelg-Froth will stick like napalm or Greek fire and inflict another 1d2 points of smoldering damage per turn that it remains on fire, typically lasting for 2d4 turns. Water will not extinguish this stuff. Some adventurers have reported marked success in using one or another variety of Vacuum spell in extinguishing this horrid material. It permanently stains metal and leather a terrible, scabrous and bruised-looking maroon-brown-black.


  1. This series is wonderful; including the stand-ups is some serious next level shit!

  2. What Blair said. A fermenting slime is a great idea, too.

  3. What they both said. I'll add how much I like the effect on flames and the flammability. There's too little of this more indirect thinking out there, this thinking into natures.


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