Monday, December 19, 2011

Krampus Koal from Wermspittle

Krampus Koal for Naughty Adventurers (D10)
  1. Burning this potato-shaped lump of blackness will radiate a comforting warmness through-out a 30' radius for 2d4 hours. Anyone falling asleep within this radius will dream of all the unkind and unpleasant things that they did over the last year. When the koal goes out, 1d4 small, smoky fires will spontaneously burst into flame at  random locations within the 30' radius.
  2. This lump of koal produces a sweet-smelling cloud of pearlescent smoke that clings to everything that comes into contact with it. In fact the smell won't come out unless vigorously scrubbed for a couple of hours using vinegar, turpentine or kerosene. One hour after exposure, the smell turns bad and produces a choking, noxious stench that will make it impossible to remain within an enclosed space.
  3. Upon being lit to serve within a stove or fire-place, this piece of koal will radiate intense, freezing cold for 1d4 hours. Anyone caught within the area of effect must make a Save or suffer 1d4 frost damage.
  4. (1d4) random coins within a 30' radius will crumble into ashes for every turn this piece of koal remains burning. It will not be extinguished by water, but wine, brandy or blood will douse it effectively.
  5. The person possessing this lump of koal, even if it is never burned, will take on the face and form of Krampus for 1d4 hours during one random night over the course of either the weeks preceding or following the Winter Solstice. They will have no memory of what acts of mischief they committed.
  6. As this piece of koal burns, 1d6 random pre-existing/already owned magical items are randomly re-distributed among those within a 30' radius.
  7. All potions with a 30' radius are converted to egg nog. This includes poisons, however the poisons remain toxic.
  8. This lump of anthracite will reappear on a regular basis inside whatever foot-wear worn by the one cursed with it, making them suffer a -2 penalty to all DEX checks and reducing thier speed by half, and making it impossible to climb ropes or walls even if they are a Thief. Untended, this lump will cause 1 point of damage every 60' the sufferer attempts to walk with it in their shoe or boot. A simple Remove Curse will rid them of the koal.
  9. All gems within a 30' radius are transformed into faceted pieces of coal.
  10. This lump of blackness is in fact a somnolent and slightly compressed Black Pudding that will be released from its magical torpor by exposure to heat or flame.

Artwork Courtesy of Steve Austin 
This is our contribution to the Krampus Christmas Blog Carnival hosted by Nevermet Press.
Steve Austin's artwork featured above is available at RPGnow for Free and is licensed under the Creative Commons so you can use it too!


  1. SNAP! This rocks!... errr... Coals!


  2. Great stuff! May favorite krampus related post of the day. I'm jealous I didn't think of cursed coal. :)

  3. Thanks guys! This was a lot of fun--it just all came together all at once from out of the blue...that Brown Jenkin Whiskey packs a serious wallop...


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