Friday, December 16, 2011

Low-End Loot II (Random Table/Alternative Treasure)

Low-End Loot: Table II
  1. One case of 5d20 arrows, all snapped neatly in half.
  2. A wine-skin filled with stale bog water and 1d4 Toader eggs that will hatch into toadpoles within 2d6 hours if kept warm.
  3. One half of the bleached-white skull of a very large sea serpent. 2d6 teeth could be extracted, but require making a Save or else suffer 2d4 damage in extracting them. The teeth could be used in making +1 arrows or possibly other weapons.
  4. A leaky wooden barrel filled with 37 gallons of rancid oil. It is slightly flammable, but extremely smoky and unsuitable for burning in closed-quarters, unless you want to fill a space with cloying, noxious smoke.
  5. A waxed packet containing 1d4 pounds of Shrieker spores.
  6. (1d4) broken wooden boxes with enough pieces available to cobble-together one reasonably intact 3'x3'x6' crate, should anyone wish to invest 1d10 turns hammering it together. It will not be water-proof and will fall apart on a roll of 1-4 on a D12 whenever jarred, dropped or struck.
  7. (2d6) sharp-edged sea shells covered with blood and what looks like scraped-off human flesh.
  8. A small pouch of 1d4 ounces of granulated amber worth 1d4 gp.
  9. A torn burlap sack that still smells strongly of potatoes.
  10. The left hoof of a war horse. Shoe is still intact.
  11. Three disparate, nearly worn out and grievously smelly sandals devoid of any straps or thongs.
  12. A drastically crumpled full helm half-buried under a pile of dirt, debris and rubble.
  13. A 4' pole of stout maple sheared into a point by what might have been a terrific chop from a battle axe or some other bladed weapon.
  14. (1d4) slightly smoldering round shields coated with a caustic digestive acid that is still slowly dissolving the things before your eyes.
  15. A small package of 4d4 short, fat, off-white candles. They're only slightly melted together.
  16. A large wooded club, broken into three pieces.
  17. The leather sheath to a knife that isn't here.
  18. (3d6) pounds of wormy flour in a paper sack that has burst at the seams.
  19. One studded dog collar, completely chewed through and still dripping with saliva.
  20. A slightly dented tin lantern packed inside with what appears to be a compressed micro-colony of yellow mold.
  21. A lodestone that can no longer determine which plane it is on, let alone a consistent direction.
  22. A set of (1d4) hand-carved wooden bowls.
  23. A ladle cast in pewter and stamped with some sort of monogram, mostly worn off and illegible.
  24. One intact alembic still packed in straw within a pried-open box.
  25. A slightly bent and sand-caked tin whistle.
  26. (1d8) bolts of rotten cloth.
  27. (2d6) bottles of deep red wine, each one contains a Gore-worm suspended in a blood-derived solution.
  28. A heavy, bronze key shaped like a mermaid.
  29. A small leather case containing a selection of only partially crushed colored chalk and charcoal pastels.
  30. One worm-parchment treasure map inscribed from a Grobbly-Bonk map. The ink on this map can only be seen if it is smeared with fresh blood in moonlight...

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