Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spell: Black Touch

Black Touch
Level: 3
Duration: 1d4 rounds
Range: Touch

Caster's fingers/hands take on the form of small black puddings, doing 3d6 damage and allowing them to climb surfaces as though they were a black pudding. Black Puddings will respond as though caster has made a neutral CHAR Reaction while the spell is in effect. Use of ESP (or possibly Empathy, or a variant of Speak With [whatever] such as Speak With Blobs) during the duration of this spell will enable direct communication with Black Puddings and the caster attempting this gets to roll a formal CHAR Reaction Roll with a +4 bonus. Any Black Pudding befriended in this manner will remain friendly to the caster until such time as the caster either attacks, harms or attempts to coerce the Black Pudding with some version of Charm or Control magic.

It is rumored that repeated use of this spell runs a slight chance of permanently corrupting the caster's flesh, causing them to take on more and more of the appearance and form of a Black Pudding...but of course that is rubbish and nonsense, and totally unconfirmed by any reputable scholar or spell-caster...


  1. You rival Bat over at Ancient Vaults for flavorful and evocative spells!

  2. Wow--that's seriously high praise! Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets is one of the all-time best places for spells, monsters, magic items and other such things--and Bat posts regularly, like clockwork. It's excellent stuff. Highly recommended!


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