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Lone Survivors II (Encounters/Kalaramar Drifts)

Lone Survivors: Table II (D12)
  1. A filthy, smelly old man with long, bedraggled hair and grizzled eyes. He has no fingernails left, as he has spent countless hours trying to dig himself out of here by scratching away at the bare stone. His mind is broken. All he sees around him any more are slithering little Triss, each taunting him with a slow, painful death by rotting. He holds a folded leather map in his jerkin. It shows 2d6 rooms of some unnamed dungeon in great detail...but shows none of the interconnecting passages.
  2. The smell of putrescent meat is incredible. Anyone with a CON lower than 14 needs to Save or vomit uncontrollably for 1d4 rounds. A shambling, massively decayed figure of what once was some sort of humanoid being lurches towards you. Over a third of this thing's body is skeletonized, the rest glistens wetly as it drips, dribbles and peels off of the bones with each movement. It holds a roughly one foot long section of a black metal javelin or spike or blade that seems to have broken off in the process of impaling the mostly undead former adventurer. He wants you to have it...
  3. A laughing green hyena follows you for 1d4 turns. It seems to be laughing at some sort of inside joke. Arrows and other missiles harmlessly go through the thing's body with a wet popping noise. It will fade away at the end of its time and leave behind a patch of greenish phlegm-like stuff on the wall where it walked through. The patch is a perfect outline of the hyena.
  4. A tall, regal-looking woman in heavily corroded chainmail lies dead on the floor. Her entire left arm and part of her left torso is missing. There are 1d4 Gore-worms incubating in what is left of her abdomen and they will burst forth if anyone disturbs the corpse. She has 2d6 silver coins in her belt pouch and a dagger that is still in decent shape. There is also a slender bone scroll-tube capped with platinum in her pouch. This scroll-tube contains a contract with a Revivalist in one of the near-by City-States who is bound to resurrect and/or recover this adventurer's body in the event of its untimely demise. If you can transport the body to this place, there is a fair-sized reward involved.
  5. A dwarf in full plate armor sits in the corner. His head is in his lap. Literally. He will request a drink of wine, or anything stronger if it be available. Anyone giving the dead, decapitated dwarf a drink will receive a +1 bonus to hit with their chosen weapon, permanently. The dwarf fades away after a riotous belch.
  6. A duck.
  7. A translucent, greenish worm is gobbling-down the remains of a robed figure. The worm is the magic-user's familiar and it is attempting to absorb all of its former master's knowledge, intelligence, spells and abilities by devouring the master's corpse whole.
  8. Someone is crawling towards you. They are obviously exerting themselves terribly and you can smell blood. It is what is left of a scale-mail clad man-at-arms from the waist-up. There is nothing left of him from the waist down any more. He is going into shock and will die from extreme blood loss in 1d4 turns. He has left a trail back to where he received his terrible wound...
  9. A mauled-looking mule stands off to the side. It stares at you accusingly for 1d4 turns then disappears, leaving behind only a patch of wet blood and the scent of worm-spit. Investigating the patch of blood will reveal 1d4 random items of Low-End Loot. (Roll on any of the Low-End Loot Tables.)
  10. A Harpy on a 12' length of chain can be heard grumbling, as well as smelled, well before you see her. Her wings have been expertly clipped and what was once a well-tailored maid's outfit is in tatters. She was a domestic servant to some gentleman adventurer who has since gone missing and she is at loose ends. She might have references...
  11. A skull. If asked a single question, it will respond truthfully then crumble into dust.
  12. Three sheep and a goat. They were desperate. Afraid. Besides, they'll never talk about what really happened after the party got scragged by whatever that thing was...uh...yeah...they kinda do talk...a lot. They're not very bright and they've seen a lot. They've seen too much. The goat tends to just shiver uncontrollably and babble fragments of blasphemous spells or rituals that it might have observed or participated in--it's unclear and the sheep don't know nothin' about any of that weird crap. For crying out loud, they're nervous and want to go home. (Double Wandering Monster checks as long as these critters can still jabber freely.)

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  1. At turns gruesome, intriguing, and silly--as any good random chart ought to be!


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