Friday, December 16, 2011

Lone Survivors: Table I

Lone Survivors of Previous Expeditions (D10)
  1. Joramindre, Rhinocerenary [AL N, MV 90', AC 4, HD 4+1, #ATK 1 (gore, spell or weapon), DG 2d4+Trample, or by spell or weapon , SV F5, ML 4] Joramindre is a mercenary. He was hired to serve as back-up muscle for a party that got wiped out by a wicked, wicked trap that he only just escaped. His left flank is ragged with a series of regularly-spaced wounds that look like the work of a lot of very sharp blades descending all at once, with extreme prejudice.
  2. Barm 11-23, Urglun [AL C, MV 90', AC 4, HD 2+1, #AT 1, DG 1d8, SV F2, ML 10] Something happened. Something bad. Bright. Bright and bad. Very bad. A shock of some sort has awakened a crude form of sentience within the brain of this homunculi and it is still trying to process just what it means to be capable of independent thought for the first time in its existence. It is in shock.
  3. Padasha Greenfinger, Gronk (Dissenting Malcontent) [AL N, MV 40', AC 5, HD 4, #ATK 1 (Mace), DG 1d6+1, SV F4, ML 4] Padasha Greenfinger speaks of itself in third person and picks its over-sized nose in public, often while conversing with others. It is a deserter from the great Gronk Army. This Gronk has taken heavy damage to its brain-case and is slightly delusional, but far more tractable than a typical Gronk. He is on a one-Gronk mission to bring down Gronk Central Command.
  4. Glood, Koponu 'Living Torchette' [AL C, MV 40', AC 7, HD 1, #ATK 1 +slime, DG 1d4 +poison, SV 0-level human, ML 3] Glood is down to 3 hit points and wants desperately to go home. He was originally serving as a living torchette for a party that was ambushed from behind by masked hybrid warriors who were hunting around for body-parts to sell to the grafters in one of the caravans passing through this area.
  5. Boj, Liboorean Acephali warrior [AL C, MV 10', AC 8, HD 1, #ATK 1, DG 1d4 or by weapon, SV F1, ML 6] Boj is now blind in one eye and his left leg is partly turned to stone. His movement is reduced to 10'. He remembers getting ambushed by some sort of chicken-thing. It turned his leg to stone. He hates chickens.
  6. Jalm, Pseudohuman merchant [AL L, MV 90', AC 5, HD 2, #ATK 1 (Light crossbow), DG 2d4+2,  SV F3, ML 12] Jalm is unharmed, not even dirty, but they survived the complete massacre of their own group of explorers who were poking about in this place...
  7. Daldrea, Jaladari Trinket-Seller [AL C, MV 160', AC 5, HD 4, #ATK 3 (weapon or spell), DG 1d6+1 or by spell, SV F4, ML 6] Daldrea has lost one of her arms, her Umbra-Blade, and most of her stock of trinkets and charms. What weapons she has, she scavenged from the corpses of her companions and bodyguards. Her group were simple merchants who took shelter here during a storm only to be set upon by a band of roving Onager-folk who butchered them in the night without warning. She has 1d6 random charms hidden in the folds of her robes that she will attempt to use to bargain for some assistance.
  8. Rutius, Marmot Scribe [AL N, MV 120', AC 7, HD 2, #ATK 2 (Bite or weapon), DG 1d6 or by weapon, SV F2, ML 3] Severely wounded, Rutius can only barely keep his pet Blatherer Yildimere in its bent and partly broken cage.
  9. Jalajamadal, Human thief [AL N, MV 120', AC 6, HD 2, #ATK 1 (Sabre), DG 1d6+1, SV F2, ML 8] Horribly wounded, bleeding profusely, Jalajamadal stumbles in front of your party, delirious and on the very verge of death. If saved, he knows the location of a cache of loot left from his previous party.
  10. Vug, Scrapmonger [AL C, MV 120', AC 5, HD 2, #AT 1 (sword), DG 1d6, SV F3, ML 9] Unconscious but breathing, this masked hybrid (goatish features, hooves instead of feet, haunches, otherwise reasonably almost-human) lies atop a mound of dead bodies, mostly insect-things that have been chopped to bits and pieces. He is poisoned and requires a lot of medical care, or else he will expire. Rescuing this creature will cause the other Scrapmongers in the area to hold off on killing your group outright and could open the doors to some form of negotiation or exchange.

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