Friday, December 16, 2011

Playable Races: Zaldrim

Zaldrim Player Characters

The Zaldrim as monsters are detailed in This Post.

Requirements: INT 12
Prime Requisite: INT and DEX
Hit Dice: D8/level regardless of class
Maximum Level: no limit as Magic User, all other classes to 10th

Zaldrim progress primarily as either Magic Users, Magic User/Fighters or Magic User/Thieves. In any case they never wear armor, but can use just about any magical weapon, device or item. They are never Clerics.

Zaldrim have a form of telepathy that they use in order to communicate with others in their own languages, but they cannot/will not use their own language away from their home plane under any circumstance.

Zaldrim use a form of clairvoyance to see into adjacent planes and are sensitive to both planar and temporal reality streams.

All Zaldrim use Detect MagicRead Magic, and Analyze Device at will. They are immune to the effects of Trap the Soul, and cannot be hypnotized, charmed or possessed.

Zaldrim can burn-up CON points to shift themselves across Planar Levels, but prefer to make use of Transfer Mechanisms instead.

A Zaldrim can drain the enchantment from a magical weapon, piece of armor, or device in order to heal themselves. They gain 1d8 hit points for every +1 bonus that they drain. Potions of healing do double healing for them. Scrolls deliver 2d4 hit points of healing for every level of the spell thus consumed (and unlearned).

Likewise, a Zaldrim so inclined can invest their own hit points into items/weapons/devices to enhance them, but this takes time, effort and tends to be done within the safety of a stronghold (typically after 10th level). It generally requires an investment of no less than 60 hit points to begin the process.

They begin with the maximum number of spells known and can begin researching spells immediately at first level.

Magical Vulnerabilities
  • Zaldrim suffer damage from Dispel Magic spells (treat Dispel Magic as a fireball effect that only affects the Zaldrim, this includes devices that radiate this effect.) They also cannot cast this spell themselves.
  • Holy/Unholy Word will send the Zaldrim back to their home plane for 1d100 years.
  • Magical Confusion causes 1d8 damage/level of the Zaldrith. A Zaldrim destroyed by magical Confusion explodes into a purplish fire ball inflicting 1d6 damage per level of the Zaldrim on all within a 20' level across 2d4 planes. If the unfortunate Zaldrim makes a second Save, they will regenerate on their home plane after 1d10X100 years, but will begin all over again at first level.
  • Zaldrim cannot be Raised nor Resurrected by Clerics.

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