Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gore-Worms in Wermspittle (Series)

Gore-worms are particularly prone to wallow about in the blood-drenched gutters surrounding slaughterhouses and have been known to sometimes block the surrounding sewers as they writhe about in the sanguinous effluent. Butchers and slaughterers hire urchins, refugees and other folks down on their luck and desperate for some way to earn a meal or a few coins to clear-out the gore-worms from the local pipes, passages, channels and flow-ways. Many of these unfortunates become infested with the things themselves, and wind up carrying the disgusting creatures back to their families, neighborhoods or shanty-camps.

It is a terrible problem. One that lingers and never really ever gets cleared-up, despite various policies, laws, rules, regulations and even attempts to eradicate the masses of gore-worms using actinic torches, galvanic prods, naptha-burners, or even various burners using alcohol, kerosene, or whale oil. Most of the Puritan-organized municipal burner-crews have started terrible conflagrations or massively damaging explosions when they've come into contact with pockets of gas, free-ranging miasmas, Withering Mists, or other, odder things down below. Whether this is part of their plan, a way to drive-off the clusters of Refugees, Unfortunates and other such human flotsam gathering around the Low districts, or just an indictment of their callousness, carelessness and incompetence is still being hotly debated among the Privy Council.

Parasitism, Patriotism & Prudery
Nasty and gluttonous things, gore-worms are considered a moral pestilence and a matter of poor judgement and bad hygiene by those who do not have to endure the conditions imposed upon the various groups of refugees, displaced persons and other non-persons who have yet to make it in Wermspittle. Puritans may argue among their cliques and sub-factions as to the root cause of the infestation, but all of them are agreed that drastic steps need to be taken immediately. Roving gangs of hooded vigilantes already patrol the low streets, seeking out any trace of worm-taint. Sometimes they are satisfied with delivering a sound beating. Other times they fire-bomb entire blocks in order to eradicate the shanty-camps. There are those who fear that these gangs have not only taken the law into their own bloody hands, but that they might be doing the bidding of masters they themselves do not suspect. There are rumors that the Corruption Trade is somehow involved in all this violence and destruction. But to what end?

A Person's Got To Eat...
The poorer folk huddled together in the shanty-camps have learned how to use the blood from slaughtering game, chickens or other meat to lure gore-worms into their pots and cauldrons. With some quick reflexes, some scalding water or cooking oil, and a deft bit of work with a knife or sharpened spoon they subdue, kill and then prepare the gore-worms in a variety of soups, stews and goulashes. You can find a variety of gore-worm derived fare at most of the local eateries, especially those closer to the shanty-camps and the collapsed sections of the Burned Over Districts filled with Unclaimed and Abandoned Properties. It's not so bad, once you get used to it...just be sure to use plenty of salt...

The Basic Entry Regarding Gore Worms.

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