Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spell: Dirt to Meat

Dirt to Meat
Level: 3
Duration: Permanent*
Range: 10'

Caster converts 1d4 pounds of dirt or gravel into lumps of raw, quivering meat that will almost certainly attract flies, carcass scavengers and others. The lump of meat produced by this spell will quickly rot if not provided a regular blood-flow or otherwise supported such as by being immersed in special alchemical solutions or by being stitched into a golemic matrix. Left untended, the mass of pseudoflesh will spoil within 1d4 hours, after which it will begin to deliquesce, leaving behind a thoroughly nasty residue that will reek of decayed flesh for 3d4 days.

The meat is edible.

It is also a prime component in various rites and spells having to deal with the creation of certain types of golems, animated entities, and other constructs.

There are several dozen variant forms of this spell, most developed either by Grafters, Pseudri or Morlocks. Those developed by the Morlocks are exceeding disgusting, disconcerting or just plain grotesque in the extreme.

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