Friday, December 23, 2011

Raging Blob [Labyrinth Lord]

Raging Blob
No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 60' (cling to any surface)
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 4 (Regenerates)
Attacks: 1d4, can attack up to 3 opponents at one time
Damage: 1d6 per tentacle, 2d4 bite
Save: F5
Morale: 12

Special: Constrict, Engulf, Regurgitation, Regeneration

Raging Blobs gurgle, wail and gibber madly as they slide along any and every surface of those underground areas that they have taken to prowling. They leave a nasty, viscous slime-trail everywhere they go, including ceilings and walls. They are seemingly intelligent, but in very foul, violent moods and prone to attack anything and anyone at any moment. They fear nothing (and are naturally immune to Cause Fear) and will only break off from an attack after suffering more than 80% damage in the course of any one encounter. They cannot be Charmed, Controlled, nor are they affected by Sleep or Confusion.

In combat, a Raging Blob can simultaneously fight up to three different opponents at one time, lashing out in any direction with no regard to position or orientation. They can unleash 1d4 attacks upon each opponent, but on a roll of 1-3 these are only tentacle slaps, on a roll of 4 they can attempt to Constrict, Engulf, or Regurgitate.

Constrict (Come Here)
When a Raging Blob has 4 attacks on a single opponent it can opt to wrap its tentacles around the victim and Constrict for 1d6 damage while it attempts to drag them into its slavering maw. Consider each tentacle as having 2d8 for its STR score and add together the STR of all four tentacles to see how long it takes the Raging Blob to gobble-up the victim. Multiple characters can latch onto their comrade and attempt to drag them back. Doing so allows for a Save by the victim; make the Save and the hold is broken, fail the Save and the helpers lose their grip and need to make a DEX check or fall down, making them an opportune target for the Raging Blob's next volley of tentacle slaps.

Engulf (Down the Gullet)
If a Raging Blob is able to successfully grab hold and inflict a Constrict attack and drag the victim directly in front of its big stinky mouth, they will attempt to swallow the victim whole. If the Raging Blob can roll a 19 or 20 for any of its attack rolls in the round immediately following a successful Constrict, that unfortunate being is swallowed whole and suffers an immediate 2d4 acid damage and will take 1d4 damage every round they remain inside the nasty thing and they will be so squished that they have a -4 penalty to attack the creature from within. Attempts to cut them out have a 25% chance to damage the swallowed victim.

Raging Blobs are gross, not just ill-tempered. Any time they want, they can disgorge the contents of their digestive tract and spew forth a glorious, green mass of half-digested flesh that will inflict 1d4 acid damage on anyone caught within a 10' radius. They can vomit-up 1d4 of these masses in any given day. The acid effect persists for 1d4 days and smells terrible. It will fade paint, stain fabrics that don't dissolve, and eat through leather unless it is washed-off with a lot of water or salt.

The Raging Blob gains 1 hit point for every 4 points of damage it inflicts upon anyone it has successfully swallowed.

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