Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Petrified Colossi [Labyrinth Lord]

Petrified Colossi
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 240' (80')
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 14
Attacks: 1
Damage: Special (Petrify)
Save: F14
Morale: 12

Gargantuan humanoid beings who have slowly become petrified over the millennia of their existence, a typical Petrified Colossi stands well over 200' tall and weighs several tons. Their metabolisms are quite exotic and they have a high concentration of silicon in their overall make-up. They also operate on a much slower time-frame than most other sentient beings, not because their nervous system is slow, but rather because they are simultaneously experiencing dozens, if not hundreds of alternate time-lines, planes and dimensions.

Any damage sustained by a Petrified Colossi that does not exceed half their total hit points within 4 turns is recovered automatically through a cross-planar form of aggregated regeneration. These things are extremely tough to hurt in any meaningful way. But, with some determination, it can be accomplished. However anything that can get past their damage threshold will also get their attention. You really do not want to attract the undivided attention of a Petrified Colossi.

Petrified Colossi are very preoccupied with all the interesting things that they can see out across the various layers and levels of reality open to their sensory apparatus. They usually do not pay much attention to any one instance of themselves or their surroundings, unless something or someone forces them to focus their attention on one specific instance at one specific point in time and space. This has disastrous results.

Once a Petrified Colossi begins to focus on whatever has disturbed it, everything within a 10' radius suffers 1d8 damage and must make a Save or turn to stone. For the next 1d6 turns, this effect will only intensify and expand by another 10' and 1d8 + Petrification per turn. At the end of that time, if nothing has attacked or interfered with the Petrified Colossi in any way, it will go back to its intercosmic contemplations and the combined damage/petrification effect will cease. If, however any further attacks have taken place or any attempts have been made to interrupt the Petrified Colossi, including attempts to communicate with them or cast spells upon them, the Petrified Colossi will re-roll another 1d6 and extend the effect outwards even farther. After reaching a maximum radius of 360', 36d8 damage, and petrifying everything that has failed a Save within that area of effect, the Petrified Colossi's attention will waver, the effect will cease and they will rise and physically relocate 1d100 miles in a random direction.

Petrified Colossi are almost only ever encountered in wastelands, deserts and similar wilderness regions, far from heavily settled areas. They prefer quiet, peaceful places where they are unlikely to be disturbed.

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