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Roofcrawling: Table III

Roofcrawling Table III (D30)
  1. Shoddy workmanship has left a portion of this roof looking far more sturdy than it actually is--roll Reflex Save or it collapses out from under your weight. A second Reflex Save determines whether you fall (taking 2d4 damage), or just manage to hang on to the edge enough to climb back out. A little assistance would be appreciated, no doubt. Climbing back out on your own entails a wandering monster check and will take 1d8 turns due to the very treacherous, slippery and unstable hole that you've re-opened. Anyone helping you to climb back out reduces the time needed by one turn per helper, with only a base 30% chance that the hole collapses out from under them each turn spent trying to extricate you.
  2. (1d4) Roof Rattlers have made a nest within a caved-in section behind the eaves of this building. They do not like visitors.
  3. Roof is made up of extremely dry thatch behind a false facade. This stuff will go up in flames with just a little help...
  4. A very young Purple Worm writhes and wriggles within a sort of make-shift pen. Someone was raising the thing in order to harvest its hide for use in very special leather armor. A thin red cord connects the pen's trap-door to a set of crusty old bells. Disturbing the pen will ring the old bells, but will anyone hear the signal? Will anyone come?
  5. Pigeons. Literally hundreds of plump passenger pigeons have taken to nesting behind the broken-out windows of this attic. They come swarming out like a fluttering cloud of feathers and beaks, inflicting no real damage but causing a lot of racket and possibly knocking someone off of the roof as the torrent of disturbed birds crashes into them. Reflex Save or fall for 1d4 damage.
  6. (1d4) Skeletons have been set upon this roof to drive off birds, rats or other vermin. They wield short bows and/or spears. They will ignore anyone who doesn't interfere with their duties.
  7. Rotten wood. The timbers beneath the slates of this roof are rotten and weak, they will not bear your weight and begin to slope in a random direction as each support begins to collapse. Perhaps you can guide the roof as it collapses towards a more stable foothold...
  8. (1d4) Roof Leeches wallow languidly in the stagnant pool of water that covers about a third of this roof's sagging middle-section.
  9. Four stacks of forgotten bricks await a work-crew that has since gone off to join a bandit gang. The chimneys nearby remain in very poor condition, some perhaps are so far gone as to be fire-hazards.
  10. (1d6) Giant Geckos slumber just beneath the crumpled facade of this roof during the day. They are nocturnal and voracious hunters of insects that will seek to hide from torches or lanterns.
  11. The roof collapses into dust and rubble, depositing everyone on it into a fetid, moldy attic crawling with 4d100 rats of every shape, size and color. It would be wise to summon a vermin-hunter or rat-killer immediately. There are clear indications of Ratterkin vermilotrists and worse amongst this seething horde of unclean rodents.
  12. (1d4) patches of Black Mold fill and infest the shadowy gaps in-between the uneven tiles of this storm-damaged roof.
  13. A 4' tall alabaster statue wrapped-up in heavy blankets and trussed with straps and ropes so as to be lowered off the roof by way of a winch or block and tackle lies here abandoned. There is no winch, no block and tackle near-by, but a trail of blood leads to the far side of the roof before it is obliterated by weather or vermin-tracks.
  14. A filthy, mangy and slightly singed Black Bear is sleeping off a recent feeding frenzy over behind the local tavern where it thoroughly demolished the trash and was able to snatch away two rather nice hams from the open window before having been driven-off by the cooks.
  15. A small, fur-lined yurt has been set up on this roof to serve as a small campsite for some demihuman.
  16. (1d4) Hunchbacks hang within a stout, sticky web that stretches clear across this roof, down into the near-by alley and across to the next roof, possibly beyond. One of them might still be alive. Removing them from the web will take some ingenuity as they are positioned at an awkward angle and disturbing the net will alert the very, very large glossy black spider that spun the web in the first place.
  17. (2d12) Spitting Beetles are swarming over the corpse of a horse that was tossed up here by a half-ogre mercenary on a bet last night.
  18. You pass a window that opens onto a chamber that could not possibly be in that location, and in truth it is not--it is a forgotten  portal to an abandoned Scientists's Laboratory up in the mountains over a hundred miles from here.
  19. Ropes, pulleys, a rough plank-seat only partly suspended by the ropes, and a set of toppled paint-cans, snapped brushes and some loose tools scattered across the plank and the windowsill before it are all that remain of the recently-murdered sign-painter. Perhaps he ran afoul of Hunchbacks or Gargoyles?
  20. A small child's kite is lodged in the eaves. They are down below, crying and tugging vainly on the string, trying to recover their toy.
  21. A Gronk Sword is firmly embedded in the roof. It will take a combined STR of 27 or better to remove it. but then you run a 40% chance of causing this section of the roof to collapse.
  22. (1d4) Glimp Shells are milling about on this roof. This might be the work of some rustlers who possess a small aerostat or possibly a large winch.
  23. Jeekra the Harpy Talonist has made her nest just behind the next chimney. She is not expecting any callers. Pray it is not bath-time...
  24. (1d6) murky, smoky off-white pods or capsules have been left within the scattered and piled straw packing material within the last of three crates. Each one of these pods will produce 1d4 Urglun before going sour and collapsing into a puddle of horrid-smelling nastiness.
  25. The tattered shreds and remnants of a hot air balloon flap in the wind. There is no sign of the basket.
  26. This section of the roof is still under the influence of an Unfix Boundaries spell.
  27. 6d100 feet of rope, all of it cut into 50' lengths.
  28. A rusty grapnel is firmly stuck in place, but the cord is rotted away. It might be worth a few coppers, but only the most desperate thief would trust it in anything but the most dire circumstances.
  29. The section of crawlspace just behind where you are now is crawling with 4d12 giant spiders. They've been very, very successful in acquiring prey of late.
  30. A completely dismembered Octoscholar has been scattered across this rooftop. Whoever did this did a thorough job. But why?


  1. Very cool. This is a good way to go given what we already have, so much generic - more into unusual specifics. I've been wondering what rooms or room types could be added in too. The leeches are playing into that fun idea there might be weird microclimates up there, which is an idea I think has legs, and the Purple Worm has me thinking Sherlock Holmes and Victoriana more as well. And I wonder now what odd urban types we might come up with, or at least suggest through entries. Great, great fun!

  2. @Porky: Micro-climates will be coming shortly, or at least a few, starter-ones that cna be added to as we go. Likewise for strange urban-types who can be encountered, like enclaves of Hunchbacks, winged-types, eaves-lurkers, attic-dwellers, etc. Your 'Social-Climbers' should also get developed--it's a great idea just begging to be used. Wermspittle will feature more of this sort of thing of course.

    Sets of Random rooms, attics, garrets and the like are also in the is the adventure accessed via that window that really ought not to be there in this latest batch...

  3. These roof tables are absolutely awesome.


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