Friday, December 16, 2011

Spell: Umbral Maiming

Umbral Maiming
Level: 3
Duration: 1 turn per level
Range: 5' per level

The caster literally mangles the victim's shadow, causing intense pain and forcing them to make a Save or suffer a form of lingering phantasmal disfigurement. Victims suffer a -4 penalty to CHAR reaction rolls and take on a grotesque, bizarre appearance that horrifies villagers, scares small children, and drives away most small animals. The Disfigurement will dissipate at the end of the duration of the spell, but the victim will need to make an additional Save (at +2 bonus) or suffer some permanent effect upon their appearance such as an exaggerated earlobe, disproportionate nostrils, scars, etc. This blemish upon their appearance will not adversely impact their Charisma, but will be distinctive and serve as a reminder of the experience. Some former victims have gone to great lengths to revenge themselves upon rivals or opponents who've used this spell upon them or someone close to them.

Phantasmalists and some surgeons have attempted to diminish or negate the lingering after-effects of this spell with mixed results.

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  1. You're out there going new places for sure, thinking deep into the nature of things. It's a horrifically good name too.


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