Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dim Ichor (Wermspittle)

Dim Ichor
Going Price: 40gp/dose minimum. (4D20 for current price)
Availability: Uncommon
Effect: As a poison, this substance does no actual physical damage, however it forces a Save or the victim will lose 1d4 INT for 3d6 days. Every day the victim can attempt to make another Save. Success means that the effect wears off one day earlier, failure means that the effect will linger twice as long.

Certain libertines and other daring wastrels will sometimes add a splash of Dim Ichor to a drink, especially if it is strong liquor. This will produce a powerful euphoria, lower inhibitions scandalously, and cause complete forgetfulness for 1d30 hours. Not even Hypnosis, ESP, or psychometry will be able to recover those memories.

If mixed with Brown Jenkin Whiskey the resulting drink will grant visions of non-euclidean spaces and instill a deep appreciation for hypergeometries in the drinker who will find themself experiencing these things first-hand in their dreams for the next 1d4 nights. When in this curiously excited state, the drinker will either attract the attention of a Gloomswallow (30%), have an opportunity to go exploring the nearby regions of the Oneirium or dream-states (50%), or encounter some sort of lurking thing on the very threshold of consciousness (20%).

Tables to Consult: Oneiric Encounters, and Lurking Things

When distilled into a brandy or schnapps form on its own, Dim Ichor produces a terrible liqueur that can permanently diminish the imbiber's INT. Several people reputed to have a distinct taste for this stuff have disappeared without a trace. But that just makes the stuff all the more lurid, fascinating and sought-after by students, mad-men, and daredevils.

Dim Ichor is extracted from the flesh of a Gloomswallow and as such it is both difficult and dangerous to acquire without taking very special preparations. Those who frequently handle or harvest the raw ichor of Gloomswallows often have a purplish-gray discoloration to their wrists and hands. Frequent usage of the stuff turns the sclera of the eyes purplish-gray, making them look like they are bruised from within.


  1. What a substance. The tie-in is cool, and the staining a deft touch.

  2. This stuff is specified as a major component in some very peculiar grimoiric operations that take place in Wermspittle far, far too frequently for anyone's comfort or liking...


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