Friday, September 13, 2019

Twelve Re-Imagined Treasures...

Better late than never, right?
In the course of refreshing the blog here and getting things set up for the near future, I noticed Glaucus' Reimagining the Dragon Jam over at It sounded like a fun challenge. Basically, you took the name of one of the items from an old issue of Dragon magazine and re-imagined it as a fresh new item without looking back at the original. There was even a handy random generator at Perchance to help find suitably evocative names to re-imagine. So I used the generator to put together a set of twelve names of items to re-imagine for the jam. I set myself a time limit and went down the list and wrote up a dozen new items based upon those names. I went back and spell-checked the text. Then I pulled it all into a pdf and added a spot illustration and slapped together a cover. Then it sat. And sat.
I got busy on other projects and lost track of the deadline for the jam...
...and well, yeah...I missed the deadline for the jam.
Hopefully that's not too big a deal.
It was a fun challenge and a good, micro-project to help me get back into the swing of things.
So if you are at all interested, the Twelve Items thingy is over at

Now, on to other things...