Friday, August 25, 2017

M is for Mucoids: Work-in-Progress (August, 2017)

More Work-in-Progress, this time a sample from a Wermspittle project that has been coming together nicely. The Palegator wasn't a fluke, there's a whole series of ABCs coming along. The old entry on the Mucoid (Fighter) is getting revised along with everything else going into this project since there are some peculiarities and special qualities worth mentioning and detailing for their use in Wermspittle such as their spells, lift-crystals, vicious gold-straws, and so on and so forth. The three main degenerate tribes and the remaining few Keepers of the Old Ways who hold vigil atop their yellow thrones within the ruins of the Cylinder-Keeps will be revealed in their dubious glory...

There will also be versions of the Mucoids in the new and improved, revised Space Age Sorcery (v.2). But those Mucoids will be of the starfaring, planet-invading and civilization-toppling tyrant variety noted for their cool, inhuman intellects and penchant for colonizing and changing entire worlds to suit them whims.


  1. There's some great texture and value work here. Not to mention the overall aesthetic being awesome! This is a great bit of graphic design.
    But you've done a great monster justice with this new rendering sir, great stuff!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm really enjoying this whole process now that my hands don't hurt or shake like they used to--and I'm getting loads more done now. Glad you liked the new model Mucoid. They've been a part of Wermspittle from the beginning and I always enjoy people's reactions when they realize what they've just run into...


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