Friday, December 16, 2011

Playable Races: Rhinocerenary


Requirements: STR 10, CON 10
Prime Requisite: STR and CON
Hit Dice: 2d6 at first level, 1d12 per additional level of Fighter
Maximum Level: No limit as Fighters, all other classes limited to 8th level

Rhinocerenaries as monsters are detailed in This Post.

No matter what class they are progressing in, all Rhinocerenaries know 1d4 random spells. They can cast at least one/day, possibly more depending on WIS, INT or CHAR. They can and do sometimes multi-class as Fighter/spell-casters, but must meet the requirements of the second class in order to do so.

A Rhinocerenary has several natural attacks, their fists do 1d4+1 (plus any STR bonus), they can Gore with their snout horn for 2d4 (plus STR bonus) and then attempt to Trample for an additional 2d4 damage if successful.

They can use nearly any weapon and can wear most forms of armor after spending time adjusting it to fit their massive frames. Most Rhinocerenaries know a thing or two about black smithing and armor-making/repair.  They need to; they aren't always in places where they can just get someone to work on their armor for them. So they tend to learn how to take care of things themselves.

Rhinocerenaries are always open to new and better offers. They might not turn on their previous employers, at least not right away, but they are certainly open to being hired away, should the offer be suitably generous. Some Rhinocerenaries might have a bit more scruples about these matters, but they are seen as bad at business and rarely lead more than a token force.

Rhinocerenaries suffer a -1 penalty to Morale for every week they go unpaid.

Rhinocerenaries do not build Strongholds. Instead they form Companies and seek to out-do their rivals in carrying out sieges, assaults, and other such services for their patrons, often gaining terrifying reputations based upon the atrocities they allow to be committed, but that's just good for business. There are some Companies that have adopted a stricter, morally upright code of conduct, but they do not generally strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, and so rarely get called in to handle the really dirty jobs...

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  1. Who couldn't want to play in your worlds? There's a fresh, useful party member, but one with potential to cause real trouble.


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