Thursday, December 1, 2011

Damned Things III (Random Table/Any System)

Damned Things: Table III (D30)
  1. Hail the size of pumpkins crashes to the ground. Anyone exposed takes 1d6 per turn so exposed. Hail lasts for 1d4 turns.
  2. Very heavy rainfall persists for 2d4 hours. After rain subsides area 1d4 miles in circumference is covered with little symmetrical objects of magnetized metal.
  3. Rusty, sulfurous masses fall to the ground either in midst of rain, snow or all on their own -- completely without sound.
  4. (1d6) beautifully polished, wedge-shaped pieces of greenstone strike the nearby landscape with terrible peals of thunder.
  5. Dozens of small, round, hollow spheres of quartz fall with hail or rain.
  6. Snowfall interspersed with dark, cubical lumps of non-magnetic metal.
  7. Fragments of bricks fall from clear sky.
  8. Yellow dust covers a 1d4 mile radius. It smells like vinegar and is completely non-toxic.
  9. 2d4 tons of fresh, living mussels plunk down across the immediate area as if dropped from a bucket.
  10. Snow mingled with swarms of vermin (usually gnats).
  11. A light rain leaves thousands of vibrantly colored caterpillars covering everything for 1d6 miles in any direction.
  12. Area roughly 1d4 miles in diameter subject to a Web spell for 1d4 days.
  13. Masses of writhing, yellow and black worms fall amidst otherwise normal seeming snow.
  14. Hundreds of minnows (mostly sticklebacks) fall from clear sky.
  15. Brightly colored resinous material falls across area in dust, flakes and chunks. It might be flammable.
  16. Chunks and pieces of soft coal pelt the ground, most of it shattering into small fragments and sticky dust.
  17. Globs of pinkish jelly the size of peas coat everything caught in a torrential downpour that lasts for 1d4 turns.
  18. Thousands of soft, pulpy marble-like masses fall from the sky with no noise.
  19. The area is coated with an irregular mass of rotting vegetative matter of unknown type or sort. It smells incredibly foul and attracts vermin.
  20. 2d4 tons of wheat, all of it encased in hailstones, falls across a rectangular region for just under one hour.
  21. Hundreds of tiny globs of gelatinous matter spatter the surrounding countryside. It might slowly re-form into a sort of gelatinous cube or worse...
  22. The area is pelted with hundreds of pounds of dessicated reptile spawn.
  23. Ash swirls and falls and coats everything for just under ten minutes then abruptly stops.
  24. Rain turns to blood or a reasonable approximation thereof, for approximately 1d4 turns.
  25. The rain is fetid and very disagreeable smelling and the odor persists for days.
  26. Frothy masses of frog or fish spawn coat everything within a 1d4 mile radius.
  27. Loud sounds accompany sleets of flinty rocks that decimate crops and denude forests in a terribly noisy storm that lasts 1d6 turns.
  28. Dozens of spherical lumps of ferruginous quartzite cascade down from the clear sky.
  29. A modest barn containing one disgruntled but healthy horse lands right before your very eyes.
  30. Area 1d4 miles in circumference covered with random vermin: 1) slugs, 2) snails, 3) frogs, 4) toads, 5) locusts, 6) ants, 7) wasps, 8) spiders, 9) snakes, 10) miscellaneous larvae --all of these species are anomalous, unknown, and never seen before.

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