Monday, December 12, 2011

Low-End Loot I (Random Table/Any System)

Low-End Loot: Table One (D30)
  1. (1d4) Animal skulls stuffed with dried grass.
  2. (2d6) Pounds of coarse rock salt.
  3. (1d20) Assorted humanoid fingers, slightly chewed (10% chance of a random ring).
  4. (1d4) Poisonous toadstools (Save or nauseous for 1d4 rounds).
  5. (5d20) Feet of rope, all in 1d4 foot sections, mostly frayed.
  6. (1d8) Stubs of candles recovered from lost adventurers.
  7. One broken mirror, silver-backed and otherwise in fair condition.
  8. (2d6) Flagons of rancid cooking oil.
  9. (2d8) Assorted bones of questionable provenance, all heavily gnawed.
  10. (4d10) Pounds of unidentifiable rusty metal scrap.
  11. (2d4) Hinges from what must have been heavy wooden doors.
  12. (3d4) Slightly bent and corroded iron spikes.
  13. (2d6) Completely squashed helms and helmets only suitable for use as platters and plates.
  14. One Trident-head, third tine is broken-off halfway.
  15. (3d6) Hilts from a variety of antique short swords.
  16. (4d10) Sling bullets, never used.
  17. One half of a very well-made composite short bow with string.
  18. (1d4) Hand-decorated quivers with no straps (each worth 2gp).
  19. (1d4) Large sacks with holes all through them.
  20. One Roman-style javelin (pilum) in three easy pieces.
  21. (1d6) Handles to various short melee-weapons. Just the handles.
  22. (4d10) Rivets and pins recovered from various broken pole-arms.
  23. One dagger sheath completely picked clean of gems.
  24. (2d4) Partially intact covers to slightly moldy spell books (10% chance of 1d4 spells still intact).
  25. (1d6) Map cases stuffed with what appears to be excrement.
  26. One grappling hook, no rope.
  27. (1d6 x10 feet) Rusty old chain.
  28. (1d4) Bedrolls (30% chance of vermin infestation).
  29. (1d6) Locks, no keys.
  30. (1d4 feet) of a formerly ten foot pole.

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  1. The very best kind of loot. I'm glad this is going to be a series.


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