Monday, December 19, 2011

Playable Races: Drilg

Drilg Player Characters

The Drilg as monsters are detailed in This Post.

Requirements: DEX 9
Prime Requisite: none
Hit Dice: 2d4 at first level, 1d4+2 each level afterwards
Maximum Level: 8th (Exceptional Drilg can progress to 10th, even 12th level in certain special circumstances)

Drilg are small, furry bipedal humanoids with a single crooked horn jutting out of their heads. Their Horn does 1d4+1 (plus STR bonus, if any) as a naturally magical weapon and gains a +1 to hit bonus.

Their base AC is 6 and improves with the addition of shields, leather armor, etc. It is rare for a Drilg to have access to plate armor, though there are tales of a Drilg who appropriated the ceremonial armor of a child-noble, but that's a rather special case and far from typical.

Drilg can Move Silently up to 4 times a day, at half their normal movement rate, regardless of their class or level.

Drilg use True Seeing at will, and can cast Detect Magic twice a day.

Any curse that affects a Drilg will slough off in 2d4 days.

A Drilg will start out with 1d4 random magic items suitable to their level.

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