Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Xenotherm (Rogue Space)


Challenge: +2
Type: Unknown
Size: Really Big (typically 10-12' diameter with a blast radius of 20')
Movement: Flies 30' (rarely in a hurry)
Armor: V/L (Treat as V vs kinetic weapons, bullets, etc. and L vs electromagnetic, ionic and energy weapons) 
Damage: V (Heavy: roll 2d6, use highest die: affects 10'/20'/30' radius as determined by creature)
Hit Points: X (1d6+2)

Special: Recovers hit points from breaking down atomic bonds of solid matter at a rate of 1 point recovered for every 30 points of damage it inflicts upon the landscape or structure.

Notorious hazards of the Scarlet Wastes of Nitochron II, the Xenotherms are best avoided whenever possible. Unfortunately for anyone stuck traveling the gritty wasteland that encompasses more than two-thirds of this planet's scorched and blasted surface, the Xenotherms are all over the place.

Originally denizens of another continuum entirely, the Xenotherms were drawn to this pitted and radically irradiated world by a bizarre alien artifact referred to as simply 'the furnace.' Some lonely old mostly-plastic prospector discovered a peculiar black device out in the deep dunes and brought it back into the ramshackle company-town surrounding what passes for a spaceport on this world. Somehow the mechanism was awakened or triggered and now there is a seething black volcano several miles high standing right where the spaceport used to be.

The towering volcano is still growing and there are more and more Xenotherms prowling the planet's surface every few days. Something sinister is going on, but so far no one can agree on just what it might be...

Several different groups have dispatched various agents and teams to Nitochron II in order to 'study' the Xenotherms. Most of them have been spotted bringing in a wide range of military-grade weapons systems and cutting edge experimental mechanisms of unknown design or function...


  1. Badass! So much wrong can be wrought from this beast.

  2. Exactly. Lots of stuff can go wrong when something weird and nasty like one of these things comes rolling along casually vaporizing the wildlife and scorching the landscape. Especially when lots of competing busy-bodies, off-world do-gooders (costumed or otherwise), wannabe heroes and field research teams all get caught in a crossfire at the latest scene of devastation...
    ...and then there are the news crews...


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