Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Player Option: Half-Morlock

Requirements: INT 10+
Prime Requisite: Player's Choice
Hit Dice: D8 (regardless of class)
Maximum Level: 10 (No Limit within Aman Utal and certain other places)

Half-Morlocks have Infravision to 60' and can move silently while underground but are reduced to 1/2 their normal movement rate when doing so.

They can wear any armor and use any weapons but prefer short swords, stabbing spears and similar things well-suited to use in cramped spaces and confined tunnels.

Any Half-Morlock with an INT or WIS over 15 can use spells as a magic-user or cleric, much as Elves are able to do, or they can become a dual-class Fighter/Magic-user or Thief/Magic-user, as long as they meet the criteria for the other class as well.

Half-Morlocks with a CHAR of 12+ can pass as extremely pale, shaggy-haired humans or demi-humans. Those lacking in CHAR look like disfigured humanoids who take after their Morlock ancestry, which allows them to move about among other, full-blooded Morlocks in a similar manner.

They gain a +2 bonus to reaction rolls regarding Albino Apes and Goblinoids (but only if the Half-Morlock  has not personally attacked these creatures), and a -2 penalty with Neanderthals and Eloi.

Dwarves are entirely neutral in respect to Morlocks, based on old dealings that neither side will discuss openly.

The taint of Morlock blood remains active within human bloodlines for 3d4 generations, but only 1d4 for demihumans and rarely past the second generation among humanoids, though there are some exceptions, as always.

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