Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bujilli: Episode 1.5

[This is for the Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlock's blog. The prompt for this week was: April Showers.]

Bujilli stood at the far end of the corridor.
A momentary gust of wind ruffled his cheekfur.
This was the spot.
He was unsure.
He thought to reach for the Gem.
But no.
A sound outside.
Just the rain.
It's April.
Another sound.
Scratchy sounds.
Then quiet.
Too quiet.
He needed to get moving.
He reached out in order to Listen to the Walls.
Oh the things they told him...
This Was the way.
He was sure now.
---What was that?!?

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  1. I think lipreading just became more important.

  2. Yes, but can they smell, taste and feel? It could make the wallflower think twice.

  3. @C'nor: Lipreading could be taken as a would certainly be a handy skill, wouldn't it?

  4. @Porky: Wallflower is both a new spell and a typr of pseudo-homunculus monster. Maybe we shouldn't wait for 'W' to post those things.

    There's no reason that some enterprising Grompha or other olfactory-dominant spell-caster couldn't convert this spell over to Sniff the Walls. Julag's would definitely use Taste the Walls, and Psychometry as a psychic ability/class option for magic users handles the tactile aspect--the Fantomists do have a variant on that idea that is both painful and disgusting. Of course. They would.

    Deranged Inanimatory Empathy could likewise give you an overpowering sense of just what those walls are feeling right this minute...

  5. Very interesting! Is this your first time participating in Saturday Centus?

  6. Interesting and a cliffhanger ( which I like and I think he's in a padded cell, imagining it all ) but where's the Saturday Centus prompt ?

  7. "Thick.


    There has not been a visitor here for a long, long, time. Who is this one? Why is this one?

    He has... The Gem? It shines, bright, bright, it shines, though he keeps it in a pocket. The magic shows itself.

    The Gem was lost. Taken from the broke-wall place. How does he have it?"

    My best guess at what Deranged Inanimatory Empathy would reveal about the walls around Bujilli.

  8. Very nice and unique. I really enjoy the mystery and rain-like rhythm to this piece.

  9. Did Bujilli smell, taste or hear "April showers bring May flowers?" ~Ames

  10. @Judie: Yes it is, and hopefully it will become a fairly regular thing for us. As the schedule allows, of course.

  11. @Nonna: Whoops--thought that we included that--we'll get it slipped back into place ASAP. Thanks for catching that!

    The Saturday Centus Prompt was April Showers.

  12. @Rawknrobyn: Thanks! The rain is really more sleet-like, but we thought that it would lend a nice percussive quality to the scene. Glad you liked it as well.

    @Ames: Mostly smell, really--the Almas tend to ahve pretty good senses of smell. Like how a cow can smell water. The Almas can smell rain coming.

    And, of course, he heard the icy plink-plink of the sleet outside.

    Alas, he did not taste of it, just yet...

  13. Wow. Some intense writing here for certain. I am bookmarking your site to read farther back and discover more of your style.

  14. @Jenny: Welcome. We're doing a lot of monsters for the A-to-Z Challenge, but there will be other things as well, like Bujilli's Sojourn, to check out. Glad to meet another reader--we're just starting to revise/revamp/redesign several of our blogs, including Zalchis, so some of the stuff in the right side-bar is going to disappear and reappear at odd times...hopefully we'll have most of that retrofit done by May.


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