Monday, January 9, 2012

Achernarian (Rogue Space)

Challenge: +1
Type: Humanoid
Size: Average
Movement: Biped (40')
Armor: Medium (D6)
Damage: M
Hit Points: 4
Special: Achernarians have 1d4 psychic powers. Their status within Achernarian society is determined by the power(s) each one exhibits. Non-psychic Achernarians are considered expendable and treated as worker-drones.

Achernarians get a 10% discount on all non-weapon purchases due to their tendency to reveal all the most embarrassing and damaging secrets of merchants who attempt to cheat them.

Nectar, pollen and various grades of sap are the primary nutrients of these beings.

Archernarians can see extremely well in dim light, and far down into the infrared, but cannot discern the color blue (they see it as dark gray or black). Their hearing is twice as acute as an average human mostly because they sense sound in a tactile manner through their skin and not by way of ears at all.


  1. I love how much relies on the powers, and what that could mean for improvising interactions. There's plenty here to weave them in as protagonists, and the hearing across the body could make for some fine distinctions. All in all, great news for Rogue Space.

  2. Interesting details and really nice design.

  3. Thanks! We're developing some more Rogue Space stuff (and play-testing things out as well). It's a nice, simple system meant to be tinkered with and it lends itself to a Pulp Sci-Fi sort of approach that is just a lot of fun.


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