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Gobbling Grout (Type III)

Illustration from The Sewer System Concordance & Cthonic Ephemeris
Gobbling Grout Type III (Killing Floor)
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 20' (6')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice 4+1
Attacks: 1 (Bite, Trip or Gulp)
Damage: 2d4 or see below
Save: MU6
Morale: 6

Much more mobile than any of the other known types of Gobbling Grout, the Type III is known as a 'Killing Floor' precisely because it lies in wait looking just like a slightly damp and lumpy floor until some unfortunate soul awakens it by walking across it's exposed surface. Then it either forms a vicious mouth and bites the trespasser, extrudes a stony pseudopod and trips them or it makes an attempt to gulp them down whole (only if the victim is human-sized or smaller).

Fortunately, much like it's relatives, Type III Gobbling Grout is a bit torpid and tends to rely on ambush tactics to get close enough to strike a likely victim. Once it lurches up to bite, trip or gulp a victim the brutish masses of gritty goo are most likely to slowly subside back into their pre-attack posture and go back to sleep. If severely threatened or tested, a Type III typically lapses into a death-like state, allowing its exposed flank to harden into a tough armored layer (now AC 3, and as hard as granite) and remaining motionless for 1d4 days.

Some butchers are believed to have installed false floors in their abattoirs with Type III Gobbling Grouts underneath, allowing the sluggish monsters to soak up the effluent and debris that is a natural consequence of their trade. For the most part, the Gobbling Grouts seem content to wallow in the blood and entrails, getting bloated, obese and even more incapable of movement...unless suitably stirred up or motivated by extreme measures.

It is estimated by the Grand Marshall of the Sewer Militia that there could easily be as many as several dozen over-sized Type IIIs ensconced or embedded within Wermspittle. They decline to comment on the unfounded supposition and rumors that there might be any such creatures left slithering about loose in the alleys or abandoned sectors, under strict prohibition from the Privy Council.

There are other types of Gobbling Grout, at least four distinct varieties are noted in the Sewer System Concordance and Cthonic Ephemeris published every October by the Sewer Militia in Wermspittle.

Known Varieties of Gobbling Grout

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