Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lithusian Megashark (Rogue Space)

Lithusian Megashark

Challenge: +2
Type: Animal (Really hungry)
Size: ZOMG! (average 20 to 40' diameter maws, can weigh as much as 12 tons...)
Movement: Swims 120' (360' lunging frenzy once every 10 minutes)
Armor: V (Heavy: roll 2d6, use highest die)
Damage: V (Heavy: roll 2d6, use highest die)
Hit Points: X (1d6+2)
Special: Regenerates 1 hp/10 minutes while in water. May have animal-level psychic tendencies (Try Luck at +1 for starters...).

Megasharks are gargantuan, cartiligenous apex predators from Lithus, a world known as 'the watery grave' specifically because of these voracious predators. The only bones they possess are their weird aggregate-like teeth. Their jaws are completely flexible and capable of incredibly grotesque feats of stretching, extending and clamping-down upon their prey. They have been known to swallow small watercraft and downed voidships that drifted too close to one of the larger specimens.

So far all attempts to cultivate a sport-fishing industry based upon trying to reel-in smaller-scale Megasharks have met with one disaster after another and most of the hardcore enthusiasts have been eaten, leaving only a few actually experienced guides with any credible experience in dealing with these beasts.

Down around the freezing cold waters off of the Ishmaelian Ishtmus there are rumored to be bioluminescent varieties of Megashark that may or may not be capable of emitting laser-like photovoltaic attacks via some peculiar poly-crystalline formation that grows within their brain sacs until it bursts forth like some sort of hardened tumor.

The Selak Tribes who dwell within the Polar Oceans of Lithus do seem to know how to hunt these things, but no one has successfully negotiated any sort of arrangement with their elders to learn the secrets they have passed down for generations.

That would be too easy. Too primitive. Or so say the Sports Commission and the Tourism Board.

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