Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spell: Aethyric Agitation

Aethyric Agitation
Level 3
Duration: 1d4 minutes/level of caster (can be extended by spending hit points)
Range: 1' per minute of duration

This is an inverted form of the Protection From Aethyrial Intrusion spell used to stir up and agitate the Aethyric layers impinging upon any set location, both as a way to confound skrying and to precipitate the necessary reactive media for certain prohibited evocations, or to banish/disrupt low-order manifestations.

Use of this spell can obscure the caster's trajectory through interstitial regions, confound any divination performed at a level lower than this spell is cast, and provide the caster with a sheath of obscurity that deflects all but the most sustained and determined of skrying attempts.

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