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Bujilli: Character Sheet

An unwanted half-breed child who grew up an outsider amongst the Almas as an abandoned foundling. Bujilli has escaped from the ruins of Zormur's Palace only to find himself in Wermspittle...

Half-Almas (details on the Almas are Here, and Half-Almas are detailed HERE.)
Magic User Level 7 / Fighter Level 7
Alignment: Neutral
Hit Points: 66 (Regeneration: 1hp/10 minutes)
Armor Class: 5
Languages: Almas, Lowfolk pidgin, Trade-talk, Etrurian/Etruscan, Aklo, Naacal, Sunuz, Low Pruztrian, Franzik, Var-Achuin, Etrurio-Valkish, and a smattering of Nulgarian (mostly curse-words).

Strength: 14        Mod: +1
Dexterity: 16      Mod: -2 AC, +2 Missiles, +1 Initiative
Constitution: 12  Mod: +0
Intelligence: 17   Mod: +2 Additional Languages, Can read and write
Wisdom: 15         Mod: +1 Saving Throw (Magical effects)
Charisma: 11       Mod: +0 Reaction Adjustment, 4 Retainers, 7 Retainer Morale

Vigor: 42 (STR+DEX+CON)
Will: 43 (INT+WIS+CHAR)

Saving Throws
Versus Breath Attacks: 12
Versus Poison or Death: 9
Versus Petrify or Paralyze: 9
Versus Wands: 9
Versus Spells or Spell-like Devices: 8

  • +1 Tulwar (Gloom-slicer) Last used in Episode 67 & Left behind in Episode 68
  • Phurba (+2 Dagger, X2 damage against ghosts and tulpas) Lost in Episode 35
  • Hand-axe, 'Stril's Axe'...we have yet to hear the story behind this weapon...
  • Short Bow, Acquired while exploring Idvard's Keep in Episode 41
  • 6 arrows (cold iron heads/yellow-metal fletchings), Acquired while exploring Idvard's Keep in Episode 41
  • Manticore Pistol, Received as a gift from Mistress Eberhard in Episode 69 and equipped in Episode 70
  • One Alley Knife, Received as a gift from Mistress Eberhard in Episode 69 and equipped in Episode 70
  • Two Throwing Knives, Received as a gift from Mistress Eberhard in Episode 69 and equipped in Episode 70
  • One twisted black-iron and teak fighting wand, in sheath, across from knives, Received as a gift from Mistress Eberhard in Episode 69 and equipped in Episode 70. Bujilli first used the fighting Wand in Episode 101, where we learned that the wand draws upon the boiling gelatinous acids of Selinoth Yr, one of the notorious 20 Deadly Planes.
Bujilli is currently wearing:
  • Denim and airship-fabric trousers
  • White notton undershirt (Notton is an organic fiber grown in Wermspittle)
  • Dark violet leather lorica segmentata: 'The edges were finished with some yellow metal alloy. Each panel was backed with cobalt blue foil. Each panel was primed with green brass and some sort of purple stuff, probably some kind of amber. that stuff made each panel able to receive the imprint of a defensive glyph. He could feel it. The bottom three rows were already set-up with some basic wards. He could see Hedrard's mark, Eberhard's mark, Gnosiomandus' mark and a few others already embedded in the armor. another symbol, a jagged white spiral surrounding an empty hand might be Leeja's mark. Maybe...' As per Episode 70.
  • Heavy-duty Sewer Militia style boots with reinforced ankles and attached Greave-plates.
  • Wermskin gloves
He used to wear...
+2 Brocaded Felt Armor with tassels) Ruined in Episode 45

General Adventuring Gear
  • Bandolier containing cartridge case, tools for maintaining his pistol, ammunition, etc.
  • Belt pouch
  • 1 waterskin (water) [on belt]
  • (1d4) Random Trinkets & Trash
Things Left Behind in his Room
  • Battered old rucksack [Needs to be replaced]
  • Food for another 2.75 days [Need to replenish supplies]
  • 2 wineskins (one raw butter-and-tuber vodka concoction, the other Gapf: a strong herbal liqueur favored by Almas) [Currently kept in room at Academy]
  • 1 waterskin (polluted water/Dreamsnail-blood)  [Currently kept in room at Academy]
  • 1 waterskin (contains Spawnling, see below) [Currently kept in room at Academy]
  • (2d4) Dreamsnail shell-fragments
  • (1d6) Rubbings of obscure hieroglyphs taken while underneath Zormur's Palace
  • Bone Mask fragments...
  • 1d6 Shards form mirrors in Sprague's offices...just in case...

Special Gear
  • Synchronocitor In Episode 100 Bujilli took up a synchronocitor pointed out to him by Gazbonti the Jester. He used it to escape from the Heart Chamber of the Soulless Queen, going to the rescue of his friends Lemuel and Hedrard in New Chillon.
  • Yushgras' werm-vellum letter and the attached oily-metal spell-cyst/glyph-map/access-node that is directly and irrevocably keyed to Bujilli's aura. A mysterious object received as a gift in Episode 97 that Bujilli has yet to really investigate in order to discover just what it does, what it was meant to do for him.
  • The Blue Grimoire, The Red Bestiary, The Yellow Pages, a subscription to the annual supplement to the Blue Grimoire (paid for the next ten years), all of which were handed-over to Bujilli in Episode 97 as a parting gift from Gnosiomandus on his way out from Wermpsittle.
  • Idvard's Ring is a triple-banded ring of black and yellow striped metal given to Bujilli in Episode 49 and grants Bujilli Life-time access to the libraries, as well as identifies him as having 20 drones of his choice set aside for his personal use at Urmigan's drone shop, on Idvard's account.
  • Successfully completing Idvard's Contract brought in 120 silver coins, 6 pounds of pink salt, and one new spell, as well as a 1d4 choice tools salvaged from an armorer/blacksmith shop beneath Idvard's Keep in Episode 41. The spell has yet to be determined.
  • White-Hair Ring. Leeja wrapped some strands of her writhing white hair around Bujilli's finger between Episodes 33 and 34, when Unfred ambushed them both with a cloud of white powder. The ring allows Leeja to find Bujilli and has served as the basis of a magical rapport between them...and it may symbolize something more special as well...
  • Hedrard's Amulet; a small, unobtrusive trinket that contains a direct connection to Hedrard, given to Bujilli in Episode 26. It is a small violet gem set within a silver hoop criss-crossed with gold filaments and can be used to allow Hedrard to see through it, and communicate with Bujilli discretely, as he determines as the one wearing the thing. He accepted it as a sign of friendship...and ostensively to allow the hag to see Spragues' face when Bujilli dealt with him, which never really quite worked out.
  • Hedrard's Voucher (also from Episode 26 covered Bujilli's Library fees, waived his first year's lab fees, entitled him to a private locker, and granted him free access to all non-restricted areas, which has proven very useful...though he has yet to locate his private locker.
  • Four Little Brown Journals taken from his uncle's yurt (They appear to be spell-books of some kind). Each of the Four Little Brown Journals contains 2d4 random spells. Journal One we now know has 6 5 spells, one of which is Voorish Sign. The rest are to be determined by commenters picking randomly from those spells featured at our blog or in one of our Grimores. Whenever Bujilli winds up in a situation where he needs to dig-up a new spell from one of these books, we'll let the readers decide what spells are available by making suggestions in the comments. Any spell from our blog is fair game. Bujilli also burned-up a page from this journal in casting Malign and Particular Suspension of Natural Law in Episode 13.
  • Counsel. In Episode 18 Bujilli began to examine a Transveyance, an ancient and sentient machine, that he had discovered below Zormur's Ruined Palace. His efforts awoke the machine. It responded to Bujilli's inquiries by making a number of small, but significant adjustments to Bujilli's brain and body. He heals more effectively. He also learns more quickly and effectively. His bones have been inscribed and embedded with a form of tutelary AI-spirit, Bujilli's personal Counsel. This Counsel can answer questions, ascertain and analyze things, detect various things, interface with certain forms of technology and more. So far, Bujilli doesn't really know the full extent of his Counsel's powers or abilities. The Counsel is part of what the machine referred to as part of Bujilli's Human Inheritance, whatever that might be. It's still all very new to him, and he has been quite busy since coming to Wermspittle...
  • MAP Bujilli's gray-leather map is magical and records a mostly accurate representation of where he has been. He acquired this particular item from his second exploit in service to his maternal uncle who sent him in to retrieve some things from an old trapezoidal barrow mound. It was in that place where Bujilli's hands became mis-matched from exposure to some foul, ancient sorcery that still lingered in that place. That was also when Bujilli first realized that his uncle wasn't expecting to see him return...
  • The Gem of Muktra a mysterious, magical gemstone from another space and time that whispers to Bujilli of adventures on other worlds and of ways to travel between the planes, timelines, and worlds he has learned about to places far, far away such as exotic Zalchis or Jalamere and others. The Gem has taught Bujilli a number of 'Essential Protections,' in order to prepare him for his eventual journey to Zalchis and it is the Gem that has informed Bujilli of the nature and location of a Synchronocitor beneath the ruins of Zormur's Palace. (As of Episode 15, the Gem has been left behind)
The Spawnling
In Episode 6 Bujilli captured and subdued a miasmagaster spawnling. He currently keeps it in an air-tight wine skin that was left behind in Bujilli's room at the Academy. What is he going to do with this thing? We'll leave that up to you, the readers, after all--
You Decide.

We're maintaining a separate sheet for keeping track of Bujilli & Leeja's loot.

Bujilli's Spells

Labyrinth Lord Spells
(Spells Usable per day: 3,2,2,1)
First Level: Light, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, Ventriloquism
Second Level: ESP, Invisibility, Knock, Levitate
Third Level: Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Haste, Hold Person
Fourth Level: Confusion

Special Spells
Auric Sheath
Contact Lemuel
Jilidi's Darts
Violet Fractal Weirdstorm
Voorish Sign
Zone of Normality
Zymurgic Disgestion

Any of the above spells that have been previously featured on our blog have a link provided. Some of these spells are contained in The Blue Grimoire (Volume One), the rest will be detailed in an upcoming volume of A Little Brown Journal, both coming soon.

Bujilli recently acquired a set of grimoires from his former mentor Gnosiomandus, so he'll have the means to learn a bunch of new spells...once he sets time to sit down and study them, of course.

We're putting together a special post just to address Bujilli's Spells, his skills as a spell-caster, spell-hacking/revision, and other, related matters.

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