Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bujilli: Episode 4

The floor collapsed. Bujilli salvaged a stout bit of wood and made his way further into the ruins beneath Zormur's Palace...

Bujilli padded over towards the newfound door. He intended to cast his Listen To Walls spell. It seemed like a good way to find out what was back there, without falling afoul of murder holes, pit traps or worse. He'd heard about a massive pendulum-blade that had been set-up as a trap in one of the buried monasteries back home. Three would-be thieves had been slashed in half before the rest of their party could escape. Too bad his uncle had been one of the lucky ones that day.

He took a deep breath. The tulwar rested smoothly in his calloused left hand. The Gloomlight Glyph hovered at his right shoulder. He reached out to touch the--



A horrid-smelling cloud of vapors roared through the gaping hole of the doorway before him.

Bujilli backed away from the roiling, coiling gasses pouring into the chamber.

His eyes burned and his lungs itched. He coughed. The stuff was foul. Disgusting. Unclean. Bujilli spat but the taste wouldn't leave his mouth. There was something wrong about this cloud of vapors.

He tried to remember what he had read in his uncle's books about such things.

His spine felt like ice--he knew what this was--it was a miasma. A pestilent cloud that spread terrible diseases and plagues.





Something entered the chamber. It buzzed and clicked excitedly. The way that insects tended to do right before they eat some other insect...

Here's the map so far:
Not a lot has been revealed just yet, but once this encounter is resolved, maybe Bujilli will find out what's beyond the new door that just opened. Or maybe he'll run screaming down that corridor...

Should Bujilli lunge forward and attack with his tulwar?

Should he withdraw from the chamber?

Maybe Bujilli could cast an attack spell at the thing?
But which one?

Would Bujilli dare to trying to talk to the thing?

He could just run away screaming...

You Decide.

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  1. Does Bloody Bones work on Exoskeletons?

    Anyway, Bujili will ready a stone to throw, and preepare MAgic Missile, but not cast them yet. Let's try to talk first.

    Also - It's going to take quite a while if any encounter is stretched across parts. Maybe it would be better to continue in the comments?

  2. Right now I'd suggest withdrawing, ready with the tulwar, but using magic missile if a distance opens up. Of course, it would be best to wait till Monday to see what we're up against..! Hang in there Bujilli!

    Also, it might be a good idea for him to cast Splinter Arrow on some of the arrows he's carrying, for the next emergency.

  3. I'm for a bit of a "wait and see" attitude about the thing. If it keeps coming at him, fighting or fleeing will be the option, but I don't think immediately rushing to attack is prudent.

  4. I'd like to see Bujilli use the Zone of Normality spell to create a breathable space for himself cleared of the miasma. He should then address the creature, letting it know that he is only passing through and did not mean to disturb it. If it retreats or stays put he should go toward the corridor at the other end of the room (not the space this thing came out of). If it attacks he should kill it and check out the room it came from. If it replies...well, his actions will depend on the reply. :)

  5. Check it out guys:

    Looks like the reasoning is going to be tricky, and Bujilli's right about that miasma. It's good to talk though, so I think we still have collectively a good response.

  6. Okay. The majority are for talking before trying to hit this stinky-thing. If you want to suggest what Bujilli ought to say, or what you want to accomplish in trying to communicate--and maybe how you want to try to communicate, by using the comments as C'Nor has suggested, that'd be fine.

    Tentatively we'll go with Bujilli casting the Zone of Normality spell that he was taught by The Gem, first, then getting prepared to defend himself, then attempting to communicate.

    What should he say?
    How should he try to talk to this thing?
    Which language(S)should he try?

    The little guy is kinda scared...

  7. Okay, as a quick reference, here are the languages Bujilli knows: Almas, Lowfolk pidgin, Trade-talk, Etrurian/Etruscan, Aklo, Sunuz

    I say we try Trade-talk first. If it knows it, it might help signify peaceful intent to talk to it in a language used mostly for commerce.

    My vote on what to say is: "Whoever you are, I mean no harm. I seek only to use a passage, though not the one you live in. Indeed, I will soon be gone from this world entirely, for I seek a new one, of which I have heard.", or something expressing a similar sentiment.

  8. C'nor's done this before. Which world do you hail from, good traveller? Could you be... Bujilli?

    I think he's right though. I'm with C'nor.

  9. I agree with C'nor and Porky.

    If the miasmagaster's amenable to conversation it would also be good to ask what it knows about this place and what Bujilli may encounter here.

  10. The Miasmagaster halts in it's clumsy tracks. It seems to respond to Etrurian. The sloppy, fetid thing twists its...head...side to side with a disturbing sloshing motion as it pauses before Bujilli.

    It listens to Bujilli's entreaties. It seems to think things over a bit. It is an old, old thing. Old and only recently awakened from long hibernation. It's joints are stiff and it's gizzards are stiffened with disuse.

    No one has spoken to it in hundreds of years, possibly longer. And certainly not in Etrurian. Not since that nice giant spent some time rooting around in the upper catacombs long, long ago. They punished the Miasmagaster then. They imprisoned it down here. In the older ruins.

    He shouldn't have helped that giant escape.

    The thing dithers. It is torn between wanting to hold a decent conversation once again after oh so very long and it's fear of what its masters might do out of retaliation should it fail in its duties once again.

    Then the thing strikes upon an idea, a brilliant strategem that even the giant might have envied.

    "Do you play chess?" asks the Miasmagaster...

  11. Does he? Does chess even exist amongst the Alma?

    (Also, a note to the other players of Bujilli: If we play this right, we might end up with this thing coming with us, though we'd have to teach it the protections the gem taught us. That could be quite useful, in my opinion)

  12. I rolled an 11. Hope it's suitable. :)

  13. Assuming that an 11 is suitable, I think that something like "Certainly, though I don't have a board or pieces with me. Do you?"

  14. Apologies for the unexpected absence--our hard drive crapped-out and we're re-adjusting everything one more time. Bear with us and we'll be back to posting regularly in a week or so...fingers crossed...


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