Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Philosophic Mold

Philosophic Mold
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Neutral (30%), Chaotic (70%)
Movement: 30' (10')
Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 1
Damage: 2d6 or by spell
Save: MU7
Morale: 10

Voiceless, shapeless, morally ambiguous masses of sentient mold who crawl speculatively across the mangled and congealed crusts of dismal moons and dimly lit worlds beyond the ken of most mortals; these beings know many secrets gained through their ponderous circumambulations and meditative cogitations upon the most abstruse esoteric theorems and conjectures. Philosophic Molds project their strange psyches across immeasurable gulfs of space and time in order to observe, to learn, and to gain access to many spells and much bizarre knowledge that they hoard unto themselves.

Spell Casters
Philosophic Molds are skilled spell casters who tend to acquire extensive repertoires of exotic and peculiar spells that they can cast without the use of any vocal or material components. In a sense they are indeed highly psychic, but all their psychical abilities are channeled into their magical practice and are intrinsically bound-up with their use of spells, which they perform tactilely and through a sort of interpretive dance or manipulation of their internal structure and posture. However they manage it, their techniques are both subtle and nigh unto impossible for anyone with bones to emulate or imitate. They do not use spell books nor scrolls, nor can they read such things. Each Philosophic Mold colony acts as its own repository of spells and sorcerous energies. They never forget a spell once they've learned it and they are talented at reinterpreting spells so as to make them work more effectively for their alien physiologies and unique non-visual/non-vocal approach to magic.

Brain Tasters
These beings are known to devour the brains of sentient creatures and will bargain for fresh brains with various suppliers of such comestibles, even trafficking with certain Goules and other singularly unpleasant beings to acquire these morsels. It has not been verified, but it is believed by many that the Philosophic Molds seek to consume the brains of sentient beings in order to enhance their own mental processes or possibly to absorb the memories (and possibly any memorized spells or esoteric knowledge) that the victim may have possessed.

World Wasters
Being blind and speechless beings, the Philosophic Molds do not share very many of the values of humanoid societies. They do not bother to clean up anything, ever. Nothing is allowed to interfere with their on-going meditations, ruminations and studies. They ignore the physical conditions that surround them, for the most part, and focus exclusively upon the non-physical, the immaterial and the hidden wisdom of the polyverse. No world or moon that these beings have occupied for very long remains livable for other species. The Philosophic Molds tend to spread hundreds of lesser spores everywhere they slither, crawl or wriggle until they are surrounded by vast, maze-like 'gardens' of myriads of varieties of mold.

Mind Masters
It is exceptionally dangerous to engage in any sort of psychic dialogue with the Philosophic Molds as they are prone to attempt to swap consciousness with anyone who makes contact with them. While they in fact do know many secrets and powerful spells, getting them to exchange or trade any of these things is a frightful undertaking best left to the most seasoned and well-defended of spell-casters. Many of the most significant methods of working magic known to humanoids such as using symbols, glyphs, runes, etc. are useless to these beings, as is anything requiring the application of a voice. They do, however, manipulate physical objects easily and can make use of wands, rings, and many other such magical items...though prolonged contact with their bodies often cause such things to decay and eventually break down or dissolve.

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