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Spaceship-Sized Monsters (Terminal Space)

Terminal Space has a section in the last part on ships that presents a few Space Ship Sized Monsters such as Space Squids, Space Rays and Asteroid Worms. Here are a few more massive void-faring creatures for your players to encounter out along the weird worlds of the rim or beyond.

Quick Table of Space Ship Sized Monsters
  1. Astronemone Colony
  2. Space Squid (Terminal Space, page 51).
  3. Void-Coral Reef
  4. Space Ray (TS, p. 51)
  5. Solar Slugs
  6. Asteroid Worms (TS, p.51)
  7. Orbital Decay
  8. Polypous Invasion-Mass
  9. Heliosphere Luminalities
  10. Fungal Mega-Hulk


Astronemone Colony
Colorful, luminous mega-cnidarian creatures that extend their feeding disks into outer space from some other plane in order to capture and consume asteroids and other interplanetary debris. They are blind and non-sentient, at least according to anyone who has studied the things from this end of their transplanar forms. Astronemone Colonies are incredibly sensitive but passive psychics, capable of detecting thoughts and emotions from as far as 4 hexes, but completely incapable to communicating...except to certain strange beings cataloged in the recovered Accepted and Ancient Orthodox Yaddithian Archives as being some form of hybrid 'Anemomanity.' Very little is really known of these beings, but they are said to be in turn served by armadas of space-faring anemodrones...which may or may not be spawned within Astronemone Colonies...

Number Appearing: 1 (Colony)
Durability Points: 30
Move Speed: 0
Maneuverability: 20%
Chance to Hit: 20% Sting, 20% Crush

Void-Coral Reef
Terrible hazards to intra-system shipping, Void-Coral Reefs are difficult to detect as they tend to be radar absorbent and psychically transparent. It can be disastrous to run aground on a orbiting reef. The coral tends to be ambiguous in terms of what plane it is on at any time, until it becomes aware of a foreign object (within 3 hexes), at which time the entire reef begins to shift into resonant alignment with the potential food-source. Contact with a Void-Coral Reef will allow the reef to assume a super-dense state in the immediate vicinity of the victim, preventing use of most star-drives and summarily terminating all teleportation or phase protocols. Very few have escaped at that point.

Number Appearing: Special
Durability Points: 100
Move Speed: 0
Maneuverability: 0
Chance to Hit: 20% Sting

Solar Slugs
Gigantic fluorescent slugs the size of continents that soar through interplanetary space by way of psychically-modulated electromagnetic fields. In some respects they are living solar sails, but in others they affect a much larger region of space than is readily apparent, even to most sensor arrays. The Shimmering Death-Haze attack of a Solar Slug has a range of 6 hexes and is capable of searing through planetary atmospheres and melting most metal-based ship hulls into rapidly expanding spheres of slag.

Number Appearing: 1d4
Durability Points: 200
Move Speed: 2
Maneuverability: 2
Chance to Hit: 10% Sting, 40% Shimmering Death-Haze

Orbital Decay
Vast swaths of hyper-adapted mold colonies that occupy the orbital paths of infected planets like trailing veils composed of trillions of mold filaments. Orbital Decay grows to fully encompass an entire world, extend outwards from this root-world to fill most of the orbital path of that world, and slowly spin-seep outwards to eventually reach the orbits of other planets within an infected solar system. There are several solar systems, such as Mu Arae, that were infected over the course of the wars between the mostly wiped-out Polyp Hegemony, the Yithic Sphere-Minds and the Primordials.

Number Appearing: Special
Durability Points: 100
Move Speed: 0
Maneuverability: 0
Chance to Hit: 60% Encrustation

Polypous Invasion Mass
Myriads of bulbous, grotesque almost tumorous collections of highly reflective black masses of voidflesh and secondary technicytical symbiote-systems have been scattered through the deep void by the nearly extinct Polyp Hegemony in a last-ditch effort to escape total annihilation. When such a mass latches onto a dark body within the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud of a solar system, they burrow in and patiently wait in the deep dark to begin again. Anyone disturbing or discovering one of these things is considered a high order threat and the Invading Polypous Mass will quickly go into overdrive, producing war-spores and worse in order to destroy the interlopers. Once activated, the Polypous Invasion Mass will begin the systematic colonization of the entire solar system, as happened at Achenar.

Number Appearing: Special
Durability Points: 500
Move Speed: 0
Maneuverability: 0
Chance to Hit: 30% Swarm-stream*
* Also can produce and release a full range of War Spores in exponentially-increasing increments until total solar system subjugation by saturation is achieved.

Heliosphere Luminalities
Strange, aurora-like proto-conscious entities composed of plasma and subtle fields of force who occupy the Heliospheres of various stars where they leap, flicker and encircle the worlds within the deeper gravity well. Little is known of these things, other than that they have destroyed a number of ships that tried to either pass through them or attack the things. The Mi-Go treat these entities with an almost religious awe. The Armitage Collectory claims to have uncovered evidence that links these things with the so-called Colours From Space, but that is still just so much conjecture on the part of discredited clone-scholars.

Number Appearing: Special
Durability Points: 300 (Recovers 4d10/24 hour period, unless distracted outside the Heliosphere)
Move Speed: Special (Occupies entire Heliosphere of solar system and freely shifts about it at lightspeed)
Maneuverability: 2
Chance to Hit: 30% Polychromatic Cascade

Fungal Mega-Hulk
Vast clouds of massively inter-networked fungal mycellium that form cloud-like structures big enough to encompass, envelope and extract all nutrition from entire solar systems. Thankfully, these are rare and mostly occupied with reducing the solar systems formerly claimed by the enemies of the Mi-Go. Mega-Hulks are so big that they have thousands of parasitical micro-ecologies scattered through-out their fibers, filaments and tendrils. It is whispered that entire cultures have sprung up within these spaces, and that some of the civilizations that have been destroyed/consumed by the Mega-Hulks have in fact turned the tables on the Mi-Go and now infect them, living off of the internal systems of the very thing that devoured their home systems long ago.

Number Appearing: 1
Durability Points: 1000
Move Speed: Special (Occupies entire Heliopause and shifts about within it at speed of light)
Maneuverability: 2
Chance to Hit: 30% Polychromatic Cascade

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