Monday, January 2, 2012

Low-End Loot III (Random Table/Any System)

Low-End Loot: Table III (D30)
  1. Six Morlock molars lightly carved to serve as crude dice. Two are loaded, having a plug of lead inserted to make them produce a pair of sixes more often than not.
  2. (1d4) small sacks of cured worm-hide filled with greenish grain. The grain is meant as seed to be planted. It will take root in nearly any soil and grow into toxic thistles that can be eaten, if you know how to harvest them.
  3. One massively heavy (3,000lbs minimum) ingot of a curious blue-green metal that is otherwise very similar to hardened bronze.
  4. (3d6) dull gray bricks of tightly compacted sand bound with Garganta-Slug-mucous.
  5. A splintered Jabber that has been bent nearly back upon itself.
  6. A Gronk Sword.
  7. (1d4) wax-lined barrels containing small Drab-Jellies.
  8. A bolt of whitened linen.
  9. A broken lantern with a splintered pane of purplish glass on one side. You can still smell the corrosive acids of an Ochre Jelly nearby.
  10. A bottle of Brown Jenkin Whiskey, only two-thirds gone. (30% chance of this being a doctored-bottle of Dim Ichor elixir.)
  11. Three large, heavy glass bottles filled with a formaldehyde solution. Each one contains a perfectly preserved larval-drone spawned from a Queen Lobster. (Base 20% that one is still alive...)
  12. A bucket of Fly-Taur vomit. Don't Ask.
  13. A lump of translucent, whitish obsidian that holds an oily finish when polished but still tends to cast 2d4 conflicting shadows at any given moment. This is a piece of debris from within an autonomous, persistent area under the effects of a spell of Malign and Particular Suspension of Natural Law, and as such it might have value to a collector, a naturalist or sorcerer...and could be very hazardous for anyone else to keep on their person.
  14. A well-made and rugged slug-saddle.
  15. (2d6) sacks of cement, each one solidified into a substantial lump.
  16. Six un-cut quill feathers wrapped in waxed-paper and stuffed into a torn and bloodied leather sack.
  17. One empty ink-pot.
  18. (1d4) cans of off-brand pre-ground coffee.
  19. A jar of pickles. Lid requires combined STR of 22 to get it open.
  20. A small paper box containing 2d4 lumps of waxy-blue pellets. Each pellet has been enchanted with the Dimfire spell which will activate when tossed into a fire.
  21. A medium-sized gray worm. It apparently choked on a mostly intact halter for a mule. Of course the arrows in its backside didn't help matters any...
  22. 43' of wet, squishy rope that reeks of garlic and salt water taffy.
  23. A ten foot pole. 1d6 feet of it is buried for some reason.
  24. 16 torches in a tightly bound parcel of tarred sail-cloth.
  25. A pair of armorer's pliers and three snapped bolts.
  26. (1d4) small wineskins filled with vinegar, one of which also contains a few sprigs of marjoram.
  27. A snuff-box filled with Necro-Pixie dust. If exposed, make Save or suffer Confusion for 1d6 turns.
  28. A wretched-looking human thigh bone wrapped in multiple scalps and carved with crude runic-looking gouges that have been sealed with oil-melted amber and what appears to be someone's blood. For some reason the bone repels harpies within a 360' radius.
  29. (2d4) Almas pelts. Several have holes in them from cross-bow quarrels and are thus lower quality.
  30. Sixty-two replacement heavy crossbow strings wound on separate spools and neatly stacked inside a water-tight cedar box.

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  1. No. 21 brings back the horror, for I am not a vengeful guiding force; it could also help with finding closure.

    And a whole archeological ideology could sprout from no. 23. I love the idea the number of feet buried could be highly significant - and might even lead to splinter groups forming.

    On the whole, I'm a stuck record - it's hard to imagine it being done better than this, and even the concept itself is something special. There are some epics there just waiting to be told.


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