Friday, January 20, 2012

Sewer Salvage I (Random Table/Wermspittle)

Illustration from The Sewer System Concordance & Cthonic Ephemeris
Questionable & Potentially Objectionable Items Recently Found in the Near Sewers of Wermspittle

Sewer Salvage Table I (D30)
  1. Three medium-sized flasks of diluted Drab Jelly solution.
  2. A surprise encounter with Exotic Molluscs has resulted in a nice catch of large Black Shells (see entry 3).
  3. An empty wooden box. It hols things really well.
  4. A tin lantern and Koponu.
  5. Roll once on the Strange Ovum Table.
  6. A ten foot pole fitted with a clamping hook on one end and a folding blade on the other, used by boat-tenders.
  7. A slightly bent hazel-wood wand inset with cracked malachite cabochons. It casts Forestall Collapse and still has 2 charges left.
  8. Three empty barrels in sound condition, but with no bungs.
  9. A tangled talisman that will ward off Yelg Froth for one hour per 1d4 hit points invested.
  10. Some random Low-End Loot; roll 1d4: Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, or Table 4.
  11. (3d6) arrows in a soiled quiver. (1d4 ) have Splinter Arrow infused into them.
  12. A waterproof pouch of Green Salt (does 3d6 damage to slugs/molluscs), it tastes wonderful on aged Gore-Worm Sausage.
  13. One-third of a ten-year-old copy of The Sewer System Concordance & Cthonic Ephemeris.
  14. A mostly illegible Grobbly-Bonk treasure map scrawled into a severely burned patch of Bruthem Hide. It may be possible to recover the map, if you know whom to ask.
  15. (2d4) random books mentioned on This Table, all of them cheap forgeries.
  16. A Gronk Sword.
  17. Partial-Corpse of a Scarletscale Serpentfolk--the hide alone is worth a great deal to leather workers who aren't squeamish about working with such exotic materials. There is a big demand for this sort of thing among certain patrons quite willing to pay handsomely to get their hands on such dubious material...of course it also tends to incur the enmity of the ancient reptiles...
  18. Greenglass bottle of rancid perfume sure to drive off harpies for 1d4 hours when unstoppered.
  19. A forty-three pound blob of congealed iron left behind by a Ferric Blob.
  20. A piece of Krampus Koal left-over from the solstice, sixteen years ago.
  21. A tarnished silver key that does absolutely nothing.
  22. A full bottle of specially-prepared Dim Ichor from the cellars of the Pissing Wyvern Inn.
  23. A Drilg-horn dagger. (-4 penalty to all reaction rolls concerning Drilg.) Whoever fashioned this particular weapon botched the job and it is non-magical.
  24.  (1d4) Toader fishing-spears.
  25. A corroded bronze disk on a leather thong that causes Flidders to make a Save or move off 2d10' in a random direction.
  26. A tightly bound package containing a lumpy mass of spores, nodules and mycellium that will develop into a Crudiv if it is allowed to mature (2d8 days).
  27. (1d4) immature vilg in a wooden cage. Someone had plans for them...
  28. One boot. Size 12. In really, really nice condition as long as you don't mind the foot that's still in it.
  29. A very nice vest made from the cured hide of a Blatherer. Everyone who wears the thing begins to worry that they talk too much. It may just be all in their head. What do you think?
  30. A small bone whistle that will attract (1d4) Polyps within half an hour of using it. Might we suggest beginning with Monodril Polyps for the first course...

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  1. One of the best things about this table is how it avoids the obvious. Even ordinary things here are extraordinary in some way, or at the very least a great lead-in to an encounter or an adventure. It feeds naturally into your worlds, and references all kinds of material, but could easily be used in any weird sewer. Imagination and practicality.


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