Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bujilli: House Rules (Updated)

Rule One
"Bujilli is a play-by-blog game that runs every Thursday here at Hereticwerks. Each episode Bujilli finds himself in a situation guided and decided by the commenters ..."
You Decide.
We'll update this post with whatever 'House Rules' are available as options for Bujilli in the course of his journey.
  • All Random Tables at our blog are available to be used within any given Episode where such a Table might be appropriate or requested by the majority of commenters.
  • Any of the Spells presented at our blog can appear within the pages of one of Bujilli's Little Brown Journals.
  • Each of our Worlds or Settings are wide open to being explored by Bujilli at any time.
  • Every one of our Monsters is potentially available to be encountered in the course of any given Episode
  • Bujilli can attempt to revise, rework or reconfigure any of his spells as a Class Skill
  • When under duress, or by conscious choice, Bujilli (as a player character) can extend the range/duration of a spell by spending 1d4 hit points per level of the spell until he's out of hit points (rendered comatose). It's an option, not always the best or most ideal option, but it is available...
  • The Big Purple D30 Rule as formulated by Jeff Rients is in effect, and it is almost always an option available to any commenter who cares to try it out.
  • Random rolls tossed into the comments will get used, eventually...
New-Model Saving Rolls
We are considering adopting a variation on the Three-Fold Saving Rolls proposed by Jack Shear at the Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque blog.

Vigor & Will
Vigor is calculated by combining the scores for Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. This number is used in certain forms of healing, empowering specific weapons, and a variety of other applications, once one has been trained in the techniques involved.

Will is calculated by combining the scores for Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma, much as the above, only it is entirely focused upon the non-physical aspects of spell imprinting or embedding, making impressions, and other esoteric applications. It requires training to make use of this resource.

Details to follow.

Once the basic form of a particular spell is thoroughly understood by a caster, they can attempt to modify and revise that spell and try to come up with their own variant versions, and in some cases even come up with a new spell. Details to follow.

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