Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Player Option: Half-Eloi

Requirements: CHAR 10+
Prime Requisite: Player's Choice
Hit Dice: D4 (regardless of class)
Maximum Level: none

Half-Eloi can wear any armor and use any weapons but prefer fancier, more ornate things that appeal to their aesthetics.

Any Half-Eloi with an INT or WIS over 15 can use spells as a magic-user or cleric, much as Elves are able to do, or they can become a dual-class Cleric/Magic-user or Thief/Magic-user, as long as they meet the criteria for the other class as well. Eloi Fighters with a CON of 15+ can sacrifice one STR point permanently to convert their hit dice to D6 instead of D4 at the player's choice.

They gain a +2 bonus to reaction rolls over and above their CHAR bonus, and can apply this to all non-magical animals in addition to humanoids, demi-humans, etc.

Half-Eloi with a CHAR of 14+ can cast Charm once/day as a free spell, even if they do not have the INT or WIS to otherwise cast spells. Anyone affected by an Eloi's Charm more than once becomes immune to their allure and cancels out the Eloi's normal +2 bonus to reaction rolls permanently.

Half-Eloi can interbreed with any humanoid, demihuman, and human-descended race, species or bloodline including certain flesh golems and some rather unpleasant, uncouth sorts of beings best not mentioned in public. There are rumors that various Theriomorphs, hybrids and things such as minotaurs might be the result of Eloi/half-Eloi bestiality, but so far this seems to be unfounded slander and politically motivated innuendo aimed at lessening the influence of certain Half-Eloi leaders and free-thinkers.

Half-Eloi clerics are in effect Kadishtu and/or Consorts, trained to be concubines who can protect their masters as well as serve their fleshly desires. A few have also been trained as cultic assassins, but little is really known about that and it is probably not any too safe to inquire into the matter indiscreetly.


  1. Cool. Can half-morlocks be far behind?

  2. Actually we already posted Half-Morlocks and a Half-Morlock NPC named Janeska. There are a few more relatives, like the Eloi-Ku and Pallid on the way, as they feature prominently, after a fashion, in Wermspittle and Aman Utal both...and the Empress in Tsan Yian is a there's another connection to explore a bit in the coming weeks...


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