Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Things, Small Packages I (Random Table/Any System)

Good Things, Small Packages Table I (D30)
  1. A sleek and well-balanced +2 rapier sized to fit the hand of a small fey, makes an incredibly good tooth-pick.
  2. (2d4) dried seeds. When properly planted and watered these seeds will sprout into normal rose bushes, however if one uses blood to get them going the handsome scarlet flowers will burst forth from the ground overnight to form a bloodthirsty hedge of wicked thorns that will cover an area roughly 5' deep by 15' long.
  3. A tiny wine-skin full of fortified wine/brandy that is just as potent as any equivalent 'big people liquor,' which in fact is not strictly true--this stuff is much more potent and anyone even tasting a drop of the stuff must Save or be hammered for the next 1d4 hours, then make another Save at -2 or suffer a massive headache.
  4. A spool of thread that rolls out to about 24'. It is incredibly light-weight, nearly invisible, takes a +1 or better weapon to cut it, and can support up to three tons without strain.
  5. A slender bone flute carved from the thigh bone of a necropixie. It doesn't do a whole lot, but having it on your person increases the odds of your becoming undead by 30% when and/or if that ever becomes a consideration.
  6. A mirror of burnished bronze the size of a monocle that can reveal the events of the past hour within a 10' radius for the cost of a measly 1d4 hit points. Too bad it is such a small aperture to try to look through.
  7. A dimly luminous rock crystal lens mounted in a nested set of seven tiny brass hoops. This used to be a shewstone, but the enchantment seems to have lapsed.
  8. Someone with a lot of time on their hands has carved this half-length candle into the sculpted form of a mermaid in a vulgar, even provocative position. Even if they never see it, just having this in your pack or in a pouch will give you a -2 penalty or reaction roll with anyone of Lawful alignment. Actually burning the candle will curse the one who lights it to a permanent -2 reaction with all mer-folk.
  9. A wonderfully tooled leather girdle about big enough to serve as a ring for a typical human-sized being. Wearing this item prevents pregnancy, even from satyrs or from spells such a Cerebral Conception or Terrible Conception.
  10. Just the thing--a small tin lantern suited for carrying Koponu tadpoles as a tiny light source.
  11. Three tickets to the opera. The name of the show, the opera house, and the show-times all change every 1d4 hours.
  12. Two matching, perfectly preserved humanoid skeletons that have been crystallized and mounted upon beds of black velvet as some sort of elaborate, macabre experiment in opticks.
  13. A miniscule tin drum of (3d20) gleaming brass pins. Each pin will expand by 1/10 of an inch for every second the holder can hold their breath, but once they've been expanded, they tend to stay that way.
  14. Four hungry combs of hand-carved Glimp-shell non-ivory. User must make a Save +1 or the comb(s) will actually 'eat' their hair.
  15. (1d4) ounces of well-ground snuff in an elegant ivory carrying clasp.
  16. (3d6) tiny grungy, copper coins that will expand into a pile of shiny gold coins for (1d4) hours any time someone deliberately blows upon them, after which they revert back to their true form.
  17. A three inch by six inch silk-lined embroidered blue and green bag that Enfolds up to 20 pounds of almost any loose and inanimate matter, but not liquids.
  18. A small bundle of 6 very small corn cobs.
  19. Two-volume set of Fey Encyclopedias bound in Blatherer hide. Neither one matches the other, and they're not the same volumes they might have been the last time you looked at them.
  20. Five delicately monogrammed handkerchiefs, each a full 2" square and mightily infused with a potent decoction of worm-begris and myrrh, certain to repel Miasmagasters.
  21. Three finger bones taken from a Vilg and fashioned into tiny set of spiteful dice that never, ever roll anything good.
  22. A small token cast in silver taken from a sacred candlestick that grants a +1 on Saves versus the depredations of various miasmas when worn around the neck.
  23. A thimble of tarnished silver that lets the wearer identify the source of exotic fabrics and the particular stitch-work of specific individuals or machines.
  24. A jade lump broken off of some ancient tomb sculpture that causes all open flames within a 20' radius to burn with a slightly greenish tinge.
  25. The royal riding gloves of a long-dead fey princess. The pitiful little things will attempt to choke anyone who sleeps around them, but they are not strong enough and besides, their heart really isn't into it.
  26. A compass that fits within a typical brooch and that can be used to locate veins of coal and not much else.
  27. A strange, wordless book. The pages can be eaten. One page will sustain anyone who consumes it for 1d4 days without food or drink. There are (1d100) pages left.
  28. Three hardened black berries of indeterminate nature. Any food left in their proximity for 1d4 hours will spoil. But if you leave the berries near honey or fruit juices or cider they will ferment into incredibly good alcoholic beverages.
  29. A very tiny tin whistle that causes all thorns in a 100' radius to double in size.
  30. Two elegant cut-crystal candlesticks that fit in the palm of a grown woman's hand. They will re-grow their own slender drip-less candles over the course of each day. When lit, the candles illuminate a 6' radius well enough to read most things, but they cannot be used to start anything else on fire, not even gunpowder or kerosene.

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