Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caveman Options (Random Table)

Caveman Background Options (D20)
(Tech Level 3-5)
  1. Your clan was wiped-out by a terrible fever. Your are the only survivor, but you have been terribly changed by your experience. Shift 1d4 points from Charisma to another attribute.
  2. Aliens arrived in the night and abducted your people. After various strange and unusual experiments, several of you escaped. Each of your group of escapees has gained a mutation and a physical defect.
  3. Mi-Go have cultivated your people as lesser servitors. When in the presence of a Mi-Go you must make a Save or obey them implicitly.
  4. Your tribe is descended from serpent-people/human hybrids. Your women still lay eggs.
  5. Despite living as cave-men, your tribe are actually androids programmed to act as primitives.
  6. Your world was forcibly reduced to stone age conditions as a consequence of intense and prolonged orbital bombardment.
  7. Long ago, the Deep Ones caused massive tidal-waves to inundate all the coastal cities of your world as part of their war upon your kind, driving your ancestors into the harsh, hostile wilderness where the last vestiges of civilization fell away under the constant pressure of simply trying to stay alive.
  8. Your kind have burrowed-out great warrens beneath the hills where you live like rats.
  9. You trade your dead to the ghouls for the secrets they whisper to your bravest warriors in the dark places. The ghouls have long been your trading partners, but there is much that they do not tell you and those who speak too loudly of wanting fine things like the ghouls have tend to disappear.
  10. Terrible, polypous things rule over your tribe and demand that you all work deep below the crust of the world digging out tunnels and chambers for their use. The polyps barely pay any attention to their slaves. It is easy to leave, but where can you go more than a mile below the surface of the world?
  11. Generations ago, the earliest ancestors of your tribe escaped from a Pnakotian enclave. Some strange quality in your brain-structure makes it impossible for the Great Minds to find you, let alone switch bodies with any of you. Perhaps it is the result of some experiment.
  12. Caves are not all alike, and the caverns you grew up within are located deep below the pitted and scored surface of a large asteroid.
  13. Primitive and prone to violence, your tribe was cloned from the salvaged DNA of the passengers of a crashed sleeper-ark who were in fact exiled criminals.
  14. One out of every twenty of your people are born with functional axolotl-style gills.
  15. Neanderthals, your people were saved from extinction by alien overlords who have long relied upon your physical power and ferocity in combat to defend them against lesser species.
  16. Outcasts, abandoned in the wilderness without anything but their wits and bare-hands, your ancestors formed roving bands of nomads who have had to become adept at making use of stone, bone and wood in order to survive the harsh conditions and wild beasts.
  17. Originally your people were religious extremists who turned their back on technology. Now you squat in caves and sharpen sticks over smoldering fires to hunt cave-worms in order to survive.
  18. Your blood is black with the taint of ancient technology, unfortunately it is a vengeful, evil thing that prevents your people from advancing beyond the most simple and primitive of tools.
  19. For countless generations your kind have venerated the Lord of the Flies...
  20. The cave paintings of your people have long captured and held the wisdom of your elders and shamans, but now it is time to leave these caves, for a terrible death is rapidly approaching and you must go or your tribe will surely perish. So say those who can still read the meaning of the cave paintings.

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