Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NPC: Janeska

5th Level Fighter/5th Level Magic User, Lawful Morlock-descended demihuman
S14 I18 W13 C10 D16 Ch11; hp 26, DC ??
[infravision 60', +2 reaction with Albino Apes, -2 reaction with Neanderthals]
Tunnel-Runner Skills
Move Silently: 40%, Hide in Shadows: 30%, Hear Noise: 1-3
(These Skills are strongly attuned to operating underground and in tunnels. Conditions are too disorienting for Janeska to use these skills above-ground or outside her ancestral tunnels unless she were to train as a Thief.)

Possessions: Janeska wears leather armor crafted from the hide of a gigantic cthonic-eel (+2 armor, resists electrical attacks) and wields a rapier forged from the remains of the iron golem that was used to destroy her former mentor's isolated retreat by enemies she is unwilling to name openly. (+2 rapier, INT 12, Psyche 1, Will 13, unaligned; casts cloudkill once a day, dispels magic on a natural 20). Janeska also wears a dull red square-cut ruby set in a silver-wire wound eye-socket cut out of a larger than normal humanoid skull that is a pendulum for detecting Ley-Lines and underground passages.

Description: Battle-hardened by her youth amid the buried jungles of Aman Utal, Janeska has the pale skin of her Morlock father, but the unruly tangled hair of her mother, a half-elven sorceress who woefully underestimated the depravity and subterfuge of the Morlock Underkings of Aman Utal. Janeska is a pragmatic, cold-eyed mercenary who takes the long-view of things, which in her case is just simply acknowledging the inevitable. She has been displaced in time and until she discovers some sort of device, artifact or spell that can help her return to her own time-line, she must get by as best she may.

Services Rendered
Janeska is a mercenary and could easily allow herself to become a hireling for the right price. High-level characters might engage her services as a henchman, if they show signs of having expertise that Janeska might find useful, or if they are inclined to pursue rumors, treasure maps or other clues to places where temporal anomalies have been reported. Anyone wanting to hire a guide to the buried jungles of Aman Utal would find Janeska a real life-saver in addition to being just about the only person in the world who knows how to get there from here. Janeska can track Ley-Lines, or find/reveal/map-out underground passages in the local area and sometimes does this for the price of a few beers and a chance to join-in on some exploration if the group appeals to her (roll reaction).

A Sordid Past
Janeska doesn't talk about her childhood. She never mentions her mother. Any references to her mixed-blood or odd parentage will inspire her to re-roll her CHAR Reaction Roll at a -4 penalty. Her father does send agents to try to either recruit her or kill her, depending upon his current mood or state of sanity. Morlocks do not trust her because of her mixed blood and most have shunned her. Janeska has a lot of history with the Morlocks, Ghouls, and quite a number of sorcerers, but she reveals as little of it as is possible.

It's Complicated...
Janeska's various previous exploits have brought her into conflict with various factions of ghouls. She has few allies that she can count on among them, and as she has helped-out vampire-hunters and other undead destroying parties, no ghoul will openly acknowledge her as a friend, despite various favors she has performed for a trio of ghoul sorcerers in the past.

Spells in Janeska's Repertoire
Detect Ley-Line
Discern Weak-Point

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