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About Bujilli

What is 'Bujilli?'
Bujilli's Adventure is an interactive story that gets written based upon the feedback and responses of you, the reader. My goal is to try to end each episode with some options for you to consider and comment upon. The next episode will then be written based upon your decisions, your suggestions and your feedback. You are guiding Bujilli through his adventure.

Similar to the original Fighting Fantasy books and classic Choose Your Adventure BooksBujilli's Adventure is an engaging blend of interactive fiction and role-playing gaming. Each new episode takes its direction from the comments and suggestions of the readers/players. Every comment is like a vote and each one counts. You Decide what happens next.

Much like the old Fighting Fantasy books or how a classic paper & pencil RPG is played, Bujilli's Adventure has a character sheet, a growing bestiary of monsters statted-up for Labyrinth Lord, loads of new spells, and more. In fact everything we produce at the Hereticwerks blog is available for use in Bujilli's on-going adventures, so it is entirely possible that he'll eventually run across one or more Thysanurians, a Slasher, or possibly a Lens-Flayer. Likewise any of the spells we've posted or made available in one of our PDF grimoires might show-up in one of Bujilli's Little Brown Journals, or he might gain access to some new spells during his time at the Academy in Wermspittle...

The first 19 Episodes comprising Bujilli's Sojourn took place in the ruins of Zormur's Palace, and each of those episdoes featured a constantly updated and evolving Mapa Wandering Monster Matrix, and a series of illustrations that accompanied each episode. As of Episode 69 Bujilli has begun a fifth series of episodes as he explores the peculiar realm of Wermspittle.

There is a Quick Index for each Series, as well as a set of Episode Guides. The Main Index can help you find the particular Bujilli link you're looking for, and there is a set of Summaries to help you get up to speed if you're new here. By all means please do feel free to use our Contact Page to ask us any questions you might still have.

Who Can Play?
Anyone can play. If you're reading this, you're welcome to join in the fun! All you need to do is read the latest episode and post a comment with your suggestion for what you think Bujilli ought to do next. We've included a random die rolling widget along the right-hand side-bar so you can generate whatever die rolls are requested/required in a given episode so feel free to volunteer your results any time. We also are using the Big Purple D30 Rule as promulgated by Jeff Rients...though it doesn't have to be purple. We also need a number between 1 and 6, as in a D6 roll at the end of each episode as that will help determine the whole Wandering Monster thing. We also collect random D20 rolls from the readers in order to use them in the course of resolving situations that arise while drafting each episode. We can always use a few more D20 rolls, so feel free to make use of the handy widget down at the bottom right-hand corner of the blog, make use of or some other online random number generator, or roll a few actual dice and post the results in a comment. It's all good, and it'll get used.

This is a collaborative, open-ended game/novel where you determine what happens next.

You Choose What Bujilli Does and Where He Goes...

You Decide!

Series Indexes
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

About Bujilli (What is This?) | Who is Bujilli? | How to Play

Bujilli's Spells | Little Brown Journals | Loot Tally | House Rules

Episode Guides
Series One (Episodes 1-19)
Series Two (Episode 20-36)
Series Three (Episodes 37-49)
Series Four (Episodes 50-68)
Series Five (Episodes 69-99)
Series Six(Episodes 100-ongoing)

Labyrinth Lord   |   Advanced Edition Companion

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