Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bujilli: Episode 7 (Consulting the Map)

After the dramatic events of Episode 6, Bujilli has decided to take a moment and consult his Map in order to get his bearings and to decide which way to go next.

Current Location: just North of the Oneiric Vortex, but not quite to the opening to Area 6 or 7.

What We Know So Far...

The Hidden Chambers
Beneath Zormur's Ruined Palace
Level One
Area 1
This is the entrance that Bujilli used to gain access to these crumbling old ruins in Part One and in Part 1.5.

Area 2
This is where Bujilli opened the previously well-concealed Secret Doorway in Part Two using an alternate version of the Knock spell that he had learned from his uncle, who in turn had learned it from a drilg.

Area 3
This is the room with the collapsed section of flooring right at the entrance as revealed in Episode Three, and this is where Bujilli first met the miasmagaster in Episode Four. The corridor that leads onwards from the back of this room was not yet explored.

Area 4
This is the room that the miasmagaster led Bujilli to for their intended chess game in Episode Five. The spot marked '4a' is the alcove where Bujilli located the shiny object and hid from the miasmagaster spawnlings in Episode Six.

Area 5
This is the den of the miasmagaster. It is closed-off from further looting or exploring by the Oneiric Vortex that came about in Episode Six.

Areas Designated 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a and 7a are the Alcoves mentioned in Episode Five and Episode Six. Alcove 4a is where Bujilli hid from the passing spawnlings, also in Episode Six.
Those areas partly revealed beyond those regions already detailed/explored are being revealed as a partial side-effect of the Oneiric Vortex. The places where these areas appear chewed-up are just where the effects of the Vortex sputter and fade out...there are more spaces and places beyond these...

Bujilli currently is standing North of the Oneiric Vortex just past Area 5 and not quite all the way to the openings of Areas 6 or 7.

Should Bujilli go to Area 6, Area 7, Area 8, explore the remaining alcoves along this corridor, or should he attempt to go South, back through the increasingly ominous looking Oneiric Vortex, behind which the remaining spawnlings are prowling about looking for a bit of fresh meat?

Or is there another option?

You Decide.

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