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Bujilli: Wandering Monsters Beneath Zormur's Palace

Wandering Monster Matrix:

The Hidden Chambers Beneath Zormur's Ruined Palace
Level One

As Bujilli explores the Hidden Chambers, he will occasionally need to roll for Wandering Monsters. Since opening the once-secret doorway in Room 2 (see Episode Two for details), things have been stirring and waking up from their long slumber after being sealed away behind long forgotten wards and once mighty walls. The miasmagaster was not the only one who was locked-away long, long ago.

The Oneiric Vortex that was set into motion in Episode Six has become a turbulent and treacherously unstable resonant conduit to the Oneiric Cacophony that surrounds the fragmentary Great Ring of Zalchis, allowing strange things to cross-over into this place.

From now on we are asking for at least one of our readers to roll a D6 at the end of each post to determine whether or not a wandering monster may have entered the immediate vicinity. Use your own dice, or make use of the handy widget over in the side-bar, then enter your result in a comment on the most recent post. First come, first served.

Any roll of '1' will bring about an encounter with some Typical Denizen or General Lurker, however any result of '6' will indicate that something has indeed found its way through the Oneiric Vortex.

Typical Denizens
  1. (1) Patch of Green Slime (LL p. 80)
  2. (2d4) Goblins have just tunneled through the nearest outer wall and are in the process of getting their bearings. (LL p. 78)
  3. (1) Gray Ooze lies in wait, hoping to be mistaken for a normal damp-spot on the floor. (LL p. 79)
  4. (2d4) Giant Centipedes will come skittering out of cracks in the walls and ceiling. (LL p. 68)
  5. (1d100) Bats will flutter about looking for a way out. (LL p. 64)
  6. (2d4) Pale, luminous little Cave Crabs will scurry away from you. If cornered they are mildly poisonous. (Save +2 or be nauseous for 2d4 turns.)

General Lurkers
  1. (2d4) Zombies wielding spears, all of whom are completely lacking their heads. (LL p. 103)
  2. (1d4) patches of Yellow Mold that are on the verge of developing some weird sort of semi-sentience. (LL p. 103)
  3. (3d4) Flutter Worms contained within an Umbral Veil that will lapse immediately if disturbed by an intruder, releasing the hungry, wriggling things to feed.
  4. (5d4) dessicated Rot Grubs that will be revived from their dry slumber by fresh meat or blood.
  5. (1) Ochre Jelly contained within a fragile, levitating glass sphere. Base 30% chance that it is intelligent. 10% chance it is psychic [ESP, Telepathy, Mind Blast each X3/day] (LL p. 89)
  6. (2d4) Molg prowling along the periphery of the plane and attracted by what appears to be easy prey.
  7. (1d10) Neanderthal Mummies armed with ornate bronze-headed morning star-like weapons that have been cast to resemble screaming demon-things. Weapons do 3d4 damage with base 10% chance of causing a horrific necrotic infection stopped only by Cure Disease. (LL p. 89)
  8. (1) Morlock sorcerer with most of their leftside embedded in the nearest wall due to a mishap with his last teleportation attempt. He is dying and only has 2d4 minutes left to him. (LL p. 88)
  9. A pit trap snaps open and (1d4) very large undead Giant Leeches rouse themselves from their moribund state to feed upon anyone they can reach. The water they wallow in is stagnant, filthy and 70% likely to cause some sort of disease, possibly a form of Dungeon Funk from Gorgonmilk's Table.
  10. A swarm of undead insects--Husks--swirls up from the dust and debris to mercilessly and ravenously devour all living flesh before them. Thankfully, they are extremely flammable...
  11. (1d4) Miasmagaster spawnlings out hunting for fresh meat.
  12. (1d6) Crudiv wielding a variety of corroded and rickety melee weapons.

Creatures Entering via the Oneiric Vortex
  1. (1d4) Vilg flop about for 1d6 turns as they adjust to the radically new conditions of this plane. They have only just escaped from an Oneiric Adept who sought to use them as part of some heinously unethical experiment.
  2. (1d4) Dopplegangers sneak out from the vortex and start hunting down a few decent replacements. Base 25% chance that one is a sorcerer or cleric of the Faceless Ones. (LL p. 70)
  3. (1) Mirrorskull Necroconstruct levitates into the room, finally freed from its imprisonment within the Oneiric Cacophony of Zalchis for these last 2,700 years.
  4. (1) Yirgao comes thorugh the Oneiric Vortex hunting for souls.
  5. (1 swarm) A swarm of brain-devouring insects swirls through the vortex. Every 8 points of damage they inflict drains 1 point of INT from the victim for 2d4 hours. If the swarm manages to kill a victim, they are non-recoverable except through a grotesque transmigration into a swarm of the same insects...
  6. A roiling mass of Dreamscum sloshes through the Vortex to seep down the hallways and coat the walls with hallucinogenic corruption.
  7. Three-Headed Sharktopede scuttles daintly into the area, then goes into a feeding frenzy once it catches the scent of blood.
  8. (2d6) Boartaurs wielding scimitars and short bows clomp into this space from a botched invasion attempt on another plane--their magic user perished in the course of opening the way for them to escape via an Oneiric Vortex that unfortunately also resonated with the Oneiric Cacophony of Zalchis, driving them all mad or worse. [40% chance that any one of them is now possessed...]
  9. (1d6) Triloo make their way through the Vortex only to find themselves trapped in some sort of crypt or buried ruin which sours their mood. At least it's not entirely yellow or something horrid like that, right?
  10. (1d6) Transparent Giant Scorpions whose carapaces are formed from a strange form of pseudo-glass that is as hard as steel (AC 1). (LL p. 94)
  11. (1) Ordrang rolls forth from the Vortex and begins to seek out any and every undead within the place in a feeding frenzy.
  12. (4d6) Gargantuan Violet Ants come chittering and clicking wildly as they seek to establish a new colony upon a new plane.
  13. (4d6) Gibbering Quasihumanoids re-enflesh themselves from the unstable dissonance of the collapsing Vortex.
  14. (2d6) Higher Baboons in chainmail with halberds and hand-gonnes have just claimed this area for their Emperor --or-- (1) Troll Shamaness in Oneiric Form crosses over via the Vortex and begins to explore the area. It has been a long trip and she is in need of an infusion of energy to sustain herself...perhaps there is a way she might tap into the Vortex?
  15. (1d6) Basilisks are looking for a suitable place to set up a nest, preferably away from the constant vibration of the Vortex which they find annoying. (LL p. 63)
  16. (3d6) Ectoworms ooze forth and start seeking hosts.
  17. (6d6) Dreamsnails slither out of the Vortex as though it were the most natural thing in the world...which it clearly is not.
  18. (3d10) Skeletons march forth in full panoply of war, including a set of Drums of Panic...
  19. (1d4) Feral Simulacra arise from the midst of the Vortex and seek to escape its area of effect before they are pulled back down into the seething storm of nightmarish energies and destroyed. Again.
  20. (2d6) Umbral Troglodytes slither out from the Vortex in pursuit of a more physical existence outside of the regions they usually occupy deep within the substrata of the Oneiric Cacophony of Zalchis.

Note: any roll of a '1' on the second roll for a potential special Oneiric Encounter opens the way for a SPECIAL ENCOUNTER:

[SPECIAL] (1) Xulg Vortex-mancer notices the Oneiric Vortex and closes it.

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