Friday, January 6, 2012

Tcho-Tchoids (Mythos Future)

The Tcho-Tchoids abandoned Earth to its bitter, black fate long ago, between the time when the oceans drank Singapore and the raving hybrid offspring of unnameable things arose to crush the world of humanity beneath hoof and horn. Once they were human, now only soldiers, they wage terrible wars in the desolate places beyond the fixed stars. For a price they will serve anyone...or anything.

It was the Tcho-Tchoids who Dhole-bombed Beta Cygnus III.

Mythos Source: The Tcho-Tchoids were inspired by an off-hand mention of the Tcho-Tchos in The Horror in the Museum, a short story ghost-written for Hazel Heald by H.P.Lovecraft in 1932. The story is included in the collection The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions originally published by Arkham house in 1970. The Tcho-Tchos went on to be mentioned and even featured in a number of other stories and remain an intriguing blend of human and inhuman qualities that make them an interesting example of genetic transgression and posthumanism within the Mythos.

(Abhuman Mercenary-Servitors to Dark Things)
No. Enc.: 1-4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (Passwall Ability, expert swimmers and divers)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 6
Attack(s): 1 (Weapons, Psychic Powers or Spells)
Damage: 2d4 or by Weapon, Power or Spell
Save: L8
Morale: 8

Special: 4 random Psychic Abilities or 4 levels as spell-caster. All Tcho-Tchoids have fungal-augments, synthegrafts or cyber implants (treat as 2 Physical Mutations, with 1d4 additional Physical Mutations per 3HD.

Equipment: Axolotl-Masks, Personal Resonator, Voidflesh Armor.

Tcho-Tchoid Gear
  • Axolotl Masks allow the wearer to breathe in most atmospheres including the extremely toxic, caustic or polluted worlds found along the Shattered Rim. These masks allow the wearer to use Water BreathingDetect Thoughts (ESP), and Detect Magic at will.
  • Personal Resonator allows the user to synchronize and interact with dimensional shamblers, various out-of-phase creatures, and a wide array of otherwise immaterial entities. (Wearer can use Detect InvisibilityDimension Portal, and Passwall by expending 1d4 hit points.)
  • Voidflesh Armor regenerates 1d4 hit points per hour, augments the wearer's physical attributes by +4, Extends wearer's perceptions to include Darkvision out to 360', and allows wearer to use Light (Continual),  LevitateProtection from Normal Missiles, and Fly at will.
Note: ALL Tcho-Tchoid special equipment is psychically bonded to the individual Tcho-Tchoid and will not willingly serve a non-Tcho-Tchoid without them first proving themselves by undergoing a rigorous series of rites including replacing many of their internal organs with synthetic implants, bonding with a cyber-totem and essentially becoming transformed into a Tcho-Tchoid, albeit one that will very likely never quite be fully accepted into the grim society of these fierce transhuman warriors.


  1. Love it. Are you planning on doing some Space Deep Ones or Space Formless Spawn?

  2. Very cool! Like these guys very creepy!

  3. Hello & Welcome to both of you!
    Thanks for the kind words. These guys were fun to write-up and we're looking forward to including a few Tcho-Tchoids in our next TS adventure. We are indeed working on a few more Mythos-Critters for Terminal Space, and the Deep Ones definitely have a place in TS!

  4. The line "It was the Tcho-Tchoids who Dhole-bombed Beta Cygnus III." was what got me, I kind of want to do a scenario surrounding that event now. It'd probably be an escape style game with the players trying to get off the planet before the Dhole's completely destroy it.

  5. That is pretty much the bare bones description for the second Terminal Space adventure we have coming along in the pipeline.

    We'll have a few more monsters and other things you can add to the mix shortly. With luck we'll have some Terrain Tiles that go along with this scenario. The paper minis that go with it are what is taking so long to get done...


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