Saturday, January 7, 2012

Low-End Loot IV (Random Table/Any System)

Low-End Loot IV (D30)
  1. Human Skull. The entire outer surface is covered with amber that has been melted and smoothed into a seamless layer over the bone. It holds a lot of static.
  2. Flyblown ostrich egg decorated with half-finished skrimshaw-style carving of dancing skeletons and some sort of flower that has a toothsome mouth.
  3. Random stuffed animal.
  4. Empty glass fish tank. Fish appear to swim in the thing in moonlight, despite their being no water in it at all.
  5. Fishing tackle. All of it grimy, dirty, and heavily used.
  6. (2d4) pieces of raw ivory that might or might not be from a mammoth.
  7. Stuffed Marmot in a waist-coat. It will mysteriously disappear in 1d4 hours. Not that anyone would necessarily notice.
  8. An imperfect set of chessmen (Kaldane-style).
  9. A box of beads (60% chance of spilling contents when opened). 
  10. (1d6) Animal Skulls of various sizes. All of them lacquered and mounted on a cleverly-constructed rack that allows them to be displayed or folded-up and carried with ease.
  11. Human Skull, slightly animated by a faint dweomer so that it tries to bite anyone near by.
  12. One box of assorted eyes. Each one is carefully packed in its own fluid-filled membranous sack.
  13. Stuffed Monkey (40% chance to hold a lamp). Mostly intact.
  14. (2d6) cases of mounted moths and butterflies, all hand-labelled in Etrurian.
  15. (1d4) random bits of gaudy, partly chewed jewelry.
  16. (3d6) assorted scroll tubes (empty).
  17. (2d8) random containers, mostly dirty, dusty and with a 10% chance of containing something disgusting.
  18. (1d6) dirty, smudged bottles of various sizes, each with a note, manuscript or map inside it.
  19. Random treasure map (30% chance of being non-spurious).
  20. (1d4) books from this Table.
  21. (1d4) chisels and a mallet in a heavy cloth apron.
  22. Six dried lizard claws in a sack tied shut with a green ribbon.
  23. A trenching tool that folds-up for use as a spade or chopping blade, with canvas carrying case.
  24. A tin cage meant for a Koponu. People buy these things in order to use the Koponu as a non-flammable light source.
  25. A well-used fish-scaler wrapped in a scrap of oil-cloth.
  26. Sixteen 11" long rough iron forks.
  27. (1d4) ingots of pewter.
  28. Empty powder horn. Slightly gnawed, still reeks of sulfur from frisky Soorgim.
  29. (1d6) pounds of rancid Verdrum Dough in a fish-belly bag wrapped in burlap. It might still be viable. (base 25% chance.)
  30. A small silver mirror that can only show the reflection of vampires.

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  1. Good stuff... I particulary like #2, but #30 is ingenious!


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