Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spell: Uchronic Displacement

Uchronic Displacement
Level: 5
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Special

This rare spell instantly transports the caster or their target (Save to negate) to a randomly determined Uchronic Time-period outside the usual temporal flow. The subject of this spell will remain isolated within this Uchronic time-line for 1d100 days, at the end of which time they will revert back to their original time-line within the temporal flow. The transported person will have aged normally during the time of their Uchronic Displacement, however they will return within 1d4 hours of their disappearance.

There are variant forms of this spell that have longer duration, clearly defined destinations, and in some cases an array of secondary conditions. At least one masked-academic in Murhallow has claimed that there is a composite form of the spell that integrates Daemoniacal Cyst with Uchronic Displacement, but this remains to be verified by any sort of reputable authority.

NOTE: In the absence of a handy table for possible Uchronic Destinations, feel free to consult the following Divergence Chronology at


  1. That's superb. The possibilities...

  2. That's what we were thinking--that mega-table at Uchronia is just begging to get put to use. Back in the old days, we used to find our characters transported to other GM/DM's campaigns, and crossing over into WWII areas, Barsoom, or King Kong's Skull Island were hard-wired into Greyhawk from the get-go. this is just another way to tap into some of that old fashioned fun-stuff...


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