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Who Is Bujilli?

A Child of Constant Sorrow...
Half-breed and abandoned, Bujilli was raised by his maternal Uncle, a ruthless Almas sorcerer who made his living plundering cairn-crypts and graves. His mother cruelly murdered and his father long gone on to greater things, Bujilli grew up among the Almas, his mother's abhuman people, who barely tolerated him. An outsider among outsiders, Bujilli quickly learned every trick and technique his uncle would teach him, not so that he could perform his task of pilfering graves any better, but so that he could grow strong and one day leave. Like his father, Bujilli was a born sorcerer, like his mother, he was something of a dreamer, left to the mercies of his uncle he became an expert scavenger, spelunker and tomb-thief. The harsh life of his mother's people prepared him for the world beyond their snowy mountains and hidden valleys. But it was not the world he was interested in; Bujilli dreamed of another world. Bujilli dreamed of many other worlds, strange places far away.

A Talent For Trouble...
Sent into some of the worst death-traps and murder-holes his uncle could find, Bujilli survived. He escaped certain death numerous times, only to be beaten if he did so empty-handed. Mauled by vicious cthontipedes, poisoned by ceiling-urchins, stung painfully by scum-wasps, Bujilli endured terrible privations and worse injuries, but he never quit, he never gave up. He endured. He learned. Bujilli grew stronger, smarter, sneakier. He knew from an early age that his uncle bore him no real love, but only tolerated him so long as he brought back valuable findings or rich gleanings. Bujilli grew up having to pay his own way, fending for himself and snatching whatever secrets he could lift from his uncle's yurt without getting caught. Getting bit or scratched was bad enough, getting caught stealing from his Uncle would be lethal. So Bujilli took whatever books or scrolls or manuscripts he could, whenever he could, and learned all he could from them and then replaced them so that his uncle was never the wiser.

A Rude Awakening...
Bujilli's uncle was not quite so doddering and foolish as he might have appeared to a young, restless rascal. Indeed not. Over time Bujilli was allowed to study various texts and to learn spells that his uncle wanted him to learn, spells that would be useful in the work of looting tombs, not the sorts of spells warriors feared or that warcasters flaunted. Subtlety and silence were the watchwords of the grave-robber's trade, and Bujilli proved himself to be an apt pupil. He eagerly pored over everything he could lay his hands on. He devoured every document in his uncle's collection that he could access, including several things that his uncle was certain were safely locked away and out of reach of his precocious nephew. Predictably, things went badly once Bujilli's uncle discovered that his secrets were not quite so secret any more. He was even more upset when Bujilli managed to fight him to a stand-still, spell versus spell. That last fight with his uncle was Bujilli's true coming-of-age rite. It also meant it was time for him to leave. To go out into the world. But not quite on his own.

A Whispering Green Gem...
Deep in the darkness, far below the sharp rocks tumbled across the ruins of a collapsed keep or other fortified redoubt, Bujilli found a smooth, luminous green gem. The Gem of Muktra. The gem whispered to Bujilli, told him stories of other worlds, taught him spells that his uncle did not have in his collection. It quickly became a valued possession, a secret, a confidante, and the one thing in this world Bujilli trusted besides himself.

A Promise, Someday, Somewhere...
Listening to the Gem, Bujilli learned of the Synchronocitor, a fabulous object, possibly some sort of sorcerous device, that will open the way unto countless other worlds...if Bujilli can obtain it. If he is clever enough.

Listening to the Gem, Bujilli has left the mountains of his people far behind as he searches for the Synchronocitor and his chance to leave his world behind.

Listening to the Gem, Bujilli dreams of other worlds, other places...

Will he find the synchronocitor?

Will he travel to other worlds?

Will he ever find what he's really looking for?

You Decide...

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  1. Poor Bujilli he's being put through the ringer these days. The life of an adventurer, I guess.

  2. Everyone starts somewhere and Bujilli began at the top of a mountain and the bottom of the heap, all at once. He's survived more than fourteen episodes so far. We're very curious to see where this all leads...because it really is up to the readers where Bujilli goes from here...


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