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Wermspittle: Random Alley Encounter Tables (Morning, Noon, Night) [Labyrinth Lord]

Here are three D20 Tables for Random Alley Encounters in Wermspittle for the Morning, Noon and Night times.

Random Alley Encounters in Wermspittle: Morning
  1. (1) Bell-ringer fleeing from something...
  2. (2d4) Skeletal Mourners in full robes headed to the Abbey of Three Saints
  3. (1) Blatherer
  4. (1) Rat-catcher accompanied by (1d4) Sewer-Militia*
  5. (1) Lamp-lighter extinguishing the few remaining, working lamps
  6. (1d4) Hunchback(s) [70% chance of being on rooftop]
  7. (1d4) Rhizomalatrists
  8. (1) Toothsome Snail
  9. (1d2) Little Lost Bandersnatch(es) or (1d2) Flutter Worm(s) engorged with blood, returning to nest
  10. (2d6) Changeling Gangers [30% chance they are taunting an injured Hunchback]
  11. (1d6) Scatmonger Monks
  12. (2d6) Rubble Urchins [40% chance they are fighting with (1d4) Changeling Gangers]
  13. (1d6) Crudiv scanning the players discretely, following discretely
  14. (1d4) Grotesque(s) [60% chance of their being on a rooftop]
  15. (1d6) Gargoyle-hunters (see Gargoyle-Hunters) [20% chance of ambush by (1d4) gargoyles]
  16. (1d100) Bloodfinch Flock
  17. (1d4) Drilg trying to be inconspicuous
  18. (1d2) Dumb Bell
  19. (1d6) Skeletons [Chapel Guard]
  20. Special Encounter

Sewer Militia (Day Shift): 2nd level fighters, max. HP, Studded leather armor, heavy crossbows and cold-iron short swords. Most also carry 1d4 random tools (hammers, chisels, small shovels, pry-bars, etc.) They are forbidden to carry money while on shift. See the Random Sewer Militia Table for more details.

Random Alley Encounters in Wermspittle: Noon
  1. (1d6) Skinsuits (see Skinsuits) or New Arrival (see New Arrivals)
  2. (1d4) Hunchback(s) [90% chance of being on rooftop]
  3. (14) Feral Children
  4. (2d4) Locals (see Locals, Lineages, NPCs)
  5. (2d4) Almas trying to sell mangy yeren pelts
  6. (1) Street Preacher
  7. (1d4) Moldlings [in dark area] or (1d6) 
  8. (1d6) Slate Slugs
  9. (3d4) Glimpshells in a caravan (see Caravans)
  10. Local Merchant (see Local Merchants)
  11. (2d4) Mercenaries (see Mercenaries)
  12. (1d4) Simulacra
  13. (2d4) Plaguebearers being driven through the streets by (2d6) Bone Guard
  14. (2d6) Penitents stirring up a mob [20% of mob being incited, random target]
  15. (1) Filthmonger
  16. (1d6) Soulless or (1d4) beggars
  17. (1d8) Fruiting Bodies [in dark area] or (1d4) Wall Patrol
  18. (1d6) Skeletons [Tribunal of Bones]
  19. (1d4) Villagers (see Villagers)
  20. Special Encounter

*Wall Patrol (Day-time) 3rd level fighters, leather armor, (60%) arbalest/(20%) arquebus/(20%) longbow, with short sword, dagger and alarm horn. One in four will also have a spy-glass. They are forbidden to carry money during their time on-duty. Most will be human, with a 20% of any taint. See the Random Wall Patrol Table for more specific details.

Random Alley Encounters in Wermspittle: Night
  1. (1d6) Raving Lunatics or (2d4) CHUDs on a meat raid
  2. (1) Lamp-lighter, accompanied by 1d4 Sewer-Militia**
  3. (1d2) Will-o-the-wisp or (1d4) Ghouls
  4. (1d6) Street Wolves
  5. (3d6) Feral Children [30% chance of (1d4) Hunchbacks in pursuit]
  6. (1d4) Slow Warm Ones -- or -- (2d4) Sluggish
  7. (1d100) Bats [30% chance of 1d6 Giant Bats]
  8. (3d4) Half-Rat Raiding Party
  9. (1d4) Cat-Killers or (1d2) Roof Panthers ambush from above
  10. (2d4) Slitherers or (1) Slug Swarm
  11. (1d4) Morlocks with (2d4) Urglun bodyguards on way to a clandestine meeting
  12. (2d4) Mucoids [15% chance of Tripod]
  13. (2d6) Luminopedes
  14. (1d2) Flutter Worms
  15. (1d4) Fantomists
  16. (1d4) Almas prowling around suspiciously
  17. (1d6) Crudiv
  18. (1d4) Gargoyles [30% chance of (1d6) gargoyle-hunters in pursuit]
  19. (2d6) Skeletons [Night Watch]
  20. Special Encounter

** Sewer Militia (Night Shift): 4th level fighters (45% chance of a 4th level Cleric), studded leather armor, short-hafted tridents, hooked nets, saps and cold-iron short swords. Each one carries 1d6 random tools (hammers, chisels, pry-bars, plumb-lines, levels, etc.). All are equipped with a coldlight lantern, that is usually chained to their trident. They are forbidden to carry money on their person during their shift. See the Random Sewer Militia Table for more details.

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  1. It's looking like a rough place..! And weird of course, very magical. Good to see some familiar names in there, the Almas for example, and others from Zalchis. The whole idea of separating out an encounter table into times of day gives a lot of options. It tells a powerful story about the nature of the place, growing the atmosphere.


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