Friday, February 3, 2012

Spell: Removal

Removal (Specialized Variant of 'Blink')
Level: 3
Duration: Requires a minimum of 1d20 minutes per HD of internal parasite/resistance of affected matter and patient must make a Save at every 3-minute interval.
Range: Extended Touch (Soft tissues/Intended for Internal Use)

Availability: Restricted to Surgeons and Medical Professionals. Non-approved users are subject to scrutiny by Medical Review Boards and there are other possible repercussions.

Provenance/Variants: Most variants of this spell are kept in locked collections and are under the Red Ban, meaning that any non-medical professionals who come across one of these spells is supposed to turn it over to the proper authorities. Of course, this rarely ever happens, as there is a thriving underground trade for medical collectibles and illicit spells alike. There are 'biological exorcisms,' mentioned in several antique medical manuals, but it is unclear just what those variants actually are or what they do, or even who developed them. Anyone acquiring that kind of information could easily ask a fairly good price from various collectors, practitioners, etc.

Requirements & Constraints: Diagnosis either through the spell, divination, or personal skill is required before this spell can even be cast. All known versions of this spell, even the forgeries, are couched in obscure medical terminology in order to baffle lay-practitioners and to cause non-sanctioned casters to slip-up or miss an important sub-clause, often with extremely painful or even fatal results. There is almost always some sort of penalty associated with unsanctioned use of this spell and any of its variants. (See Penalties Associated With Non-Sanctioned Spell-Use for details.)

Favorable Correspondences: Sanctioned Medical Practitioners get to use this spell with no penalty. Medical Dowsing allows the caster to reduce the time needed for this spell to run its course by 30%. Using a Katarchic Chart from a Midwife will allow the victim to make all Saves related to this spell at +1. There are a variety of Medically Approved Adjuncts that will grant a Sanctioned Caster various bonuses, refinements or extended effects such as filtration of spores or the slower-going draining of toxic substances, among others.

Note: Failing a Save during the Removal process need not be immediately fatal, the patient/victim can opt to take 1d4 hit points of damage/per HD of the parasite being extracted, or 1d6 hit points per category of difficulty associated with the material being removed.


A basic surgical spell usually taught in the first year of qualifying to be Sanctioned. A direct variation on the Blink spell, this is a very specialized application that is extremely limited in its scope and effect. It is intended to allow the caster to remove foreign matter or parasites from the victim without resorting to cutting them open. When cast appropriately, this spell causes 1d6 ounces of foreign matter/per level of the caster to be displaced, summarily apported out of the victim's body without causing further disruption of their tissues. The range of the apportative effect is under 10' and anything removed will typically fall into the receptacle designated by the caster...unless an unsanctioned user is involved, then the removed matter will be deposited in a random location within the spell's area of effect...possibly even within the caster's own body.

This spell is specifically intended for countering various forms of maleficia and Apportative Attacks such as the fearsome 100 Needles spell or in instances of extreme duress such as Terrible Conception. When the Dissolve spell will not work, or would only result in a worsening of the patient/victims' overall condition (as in the case of the afore-mentioned needles that have a tendency to dissolve into toxic residue), and mundane surgery is ruled-out, then this spell is most commonly used.

Much like the Dissolve spell, this particular form of medical magic can also be used to eliminate more mundane ailments such as various mineralized formations, tumors, deposits, or blockages within the victim's body, however, this spell is rarely used for such minor matters as it is intended to eliminate things that are resistant to most other methods or that cannot more easily and readily be dealt with by other, simpler procedures. Practitioners are taught to reserve the use of a Remove spell for situations in which other forms of extraction or the application of a Dissolve spell would either be ineffective or potentially fatal, as described above.

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