Sunday, February 12, 2012

20 Major Dungeons/Ruins (Jalamere)

Here's a quick list of 20 sites we want to make sure are included in the final map of Jalamere. So far.

Major Dungeon/Ruin Sites of Jalamere
  1. Black Ziggurat (see Black Ziggurat of Jalamere and Black Ziggurat of Jalamere Part Two for more details concerning the immediate area surrounding this strange hyper-dimensional structure)
  2. Borderland Keep
  3. Brazen Tomb of Gargantua (One of many such entrances)
  4. Crash-Site
  5. Mysterious Mounds connected by subterranean canals
  6. Octagonal Keep
  7. Arid plateaus criss-crossed by lines like at Nazca, only for real, sort of...
  8. Disangled Ruins
  9. Phantasmal City that might not really be there after all
  10. Village with strange inter-planar ties to Wermspittle...includes a section of Haunted Hop-Yards
  11. Vast labyrinth of catacombs accessed via a dismal sepulchre like the one in The Statement of Randolph Carter by HPL
  12. Peak Fortress of the Visitors
  13. Crater-Lake within a Black Lagoon
  14. Tsan Yian Colony-Dome
  15. Escher-site: See Swords & Dorkery's Escher Challenge
  16. Cliff-stairs
  17. The Dome
  18. Gardens of the Resolute Empress
  19. Blasted Pyramids of Nitocrimelle
  20. Lost City of Jikai
Details to follow...


    1. This kind of list really works for creating mood, and this particular one's an exemplar.

      It can also double for selecting locations randomly, for teleportation or the like most obviously, but also if they're arranged or numbered in a particular way, and maybe modifiers are used, for other kinds of movement.

      I look forward to that pleasurable accumulation of detail..!

    2. @Porky: Thanks. We're glad you like it.

      Right now, as we're developing the map for Jalamere literally from the ground up (pun intended), these are all random locations, at least until we hit upon a spot that just seems right.

      The teleportation connection is overtly inherent in this list. Nice that you spotted that. We want to feature linkages from each of these sites to the rest via a form of conveyance, some relic/artifact items, and at least one other mode--a ritual form of spell-casting that unlocks the spatial axis of a particular world to allow transition from point to point via various weak-points or soft-spots.

      Please do keep in mind that the entries on this list are not finalized, only rough ideas and as we develop each one in turn, some of them might well shift, morph or change into something else or other.

      As we develop the pertinent details respective to each locale, we'll add the link(s) to this list, so it becomes a handt table of contents/index.

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      I returned the favor 8-)

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