Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alley Encounters (Wermspittle)

Random Alley Encounters in Wermspittle: Morning
  1. (1) Bell-ringer fleeing from something...
  2. The next 20' of the alley is under the effects of an Unfix Boundaries spell for the next 5 minutes.
  3. (2d4) Skeletal Mourners in full robes headed to the Abbey of Three Saints. They are in a hurry and have little time to dally in any case, as the sun is rising. You can hear the Bell Towers ringing-in the dawn even as these macabre figures march past.
  4. (1) Blatherer yelling for help from an attic window. Most people just ignore the thing.
  5. (1) Rat-catcher accompanied by (1d4) apprentices and another (1d4) Sewer-Militia.* They seem to be heading somewhere in particular, but moving along so as not to disturb anyone unduly.
  6. (1) Lamp-lighter extinguishing the few remaining, working lamps along this stretch of alley. [20% chance they are a Pyroclast.]
  7. (1d4) Hunchback(s) on rooftop hunting urchins for the flesh-peddlers or molluscs for the local taverns. (70% chance they are Grimclowns, 30% chance they are Grood.)
  8. (2d4) Teratomorphs and/or Patients huddling against a rickety old cart or next to stacks of old crates and barrels. They do not interact willingly, but will move off to some other resting place if disturbed. One of them appears to be an Unfortunate One who is trying to disguise themself by loitering in the company of these misshapen creatures. [Base 40% chance the Unfortunate One is a spy or assassin.]
  9. (1d4) Rhizomalatrists tugging at a strange root or runner protruding out from under the badly cracked and buckled foundations of an abandoned property.
  10. (2d4) Tiny but toothsome Dreamsnails slithering down a wall in front of you. They seem oblivious to the time of day, but they do notice when people observe them, they can feel the pressure of conscious attention and they hate being ignored. Where could they have come from?
  11. A very young and very skittish run-away Bruthem has gotten stuck in a narrow part of this alley-way. The beast-wranglers who lost this one are out looking for it. There might be a reward for anyone helping them to recover the thing before some refugees gut it and strip the carcass to the bones.
  12. (1) Drab Jelly slowly slithering down the near wall. It shows obvious signs of having been miss-handled and injured by amateur Jelly-Gatherers. (50%/50% chance of the thing either going berserk or just going dormant.) The Jelly-Gatherers will show up in (1d12) minutes.
  13. Alley-way collapses into a sink-hole across (1d20'). This could be the result of a collapsed tunnel, a Burrowing Wurm, or perhaps a Type IV Gobbling Grout...
  14. (1d4) Flutter Worm(s) engorged with blood, returning to their nest. The drained body of their latest victim is within 10' of where you stand right now. The Flutter Worms seem to be directed or under the influence of a strange sort of music coming from an attic window nearly a block away. It might be flute music...but it ends before you can get too much closer. Perhaps the musician spotted your approach and possible interest?
  15. (2d6) Changeling Gangers [30% chance they are taunting an injured Hunchback]
  16. (1d6) Scatmonger Monks diligently making the rounds and shoveling-up ordure for the Powder Grinders along Gonnesmith Way.
  17. (1d4) Almas scurrying along the alley to a hidden ladder so tehy can make their way across the rooftops to a secret rendezvous with a organ-and-gland-buyer who works for a high-end gourmet carnicería in Upper Town. One of the Almas is a Gland-Culler.
  18. (2d6) Rubble Urchins [40% chance they are fighting with (1d4) Changeling Gangers]
  19. (1d6) Crudiv scanning the players discretely, following discretely, waiting for a suitable opportunity to ambush them, or anyone else to whom the party leads them. They're not picky.
  20. (1d4) Grotesque(s) [60% chance of their being on a rooftop]
  21. (1d6) Gargoyle-hunters (see Gargoyle-Hunters) [20% chance of ambush by (1d4) gargoyles]
  22. (1d100) Bloodfinch Flock. They've been disturbed by someone other than you, but now that you're here, they are hungry...
  23. (1d4) Very small recently-hatched Glimp-Shells are clustered in a small niche, hiding from the drunken lout who won their eggs in a card game last night. The 'lucky' gambler is passed out, face down in the alley within 12' of the hiding Glimp Shells. The stench of vomit, beer and urine makes it but impossible to miss the guy. Roll for a secondary encounter.
  24. (1d4) Drilg trying to be inconspicuous as they attempt to hunt down a pack of ratling bandits who have abducted one of their females. [60% chance the Drilg will ask for help to recover their lost princess...]
  25. An over-dressed Octoscholar clad in a hooded velvet cloak. They have just left a very clandestine, very important meeting. They will offer a sizable reward to the first group of likely-looking mammals they encounter, if these bipeds can successfully get the Octoscholar back to the Academy of Occult Arts & Sciences without anyone being the wiser. 
  26. A Plodder Shell loaded-down with a heap of hastily-rolled carpets, several pieces of mis-matched antique furniture, two hastily disassembled wardrobe mirrors, six bulging sacks of wadded-up draperies, several heavy silver candle-sticks, and a number of other house-hold furnishings is just standing there, placid and content to be alive. In the next 1d6 minutes, a team of looters will return to their Plodder Shell bearing the last load of the evening. It has been a long, but productive night's work for them. They'll certainly take a very dim view of anyone pilfering their hard-earned loot, but they might be in the mood to hire-on some extra protection if they are being followed, or expecting trouble from some rivals, especially as the sun is coming up and they no longer have the cover of darkness to help protect them. [Base 40% chance that ratling bandits or some other underworld-types are in fact watching these looters with interest, possibly planning a quick smash-and-grab, or worse.]
  27. (1d2) Dumb Bell(s) sitting peacefully in the center of the alley.
  28. (1d4) Blue Zoogs escaped from the attic workroom of an outlaw oneirist. The dream-mancer is watching at a distance by way of a Sleeper's Lens. They will wait until nightfall to attempt to recapture or re-acquire these 'specimens.'
  29. Mindslime seeping back into a crack within the back wall of an old asylum.
  30. (1d6) Skeletons (Chapel Guard) patrolling the alley as part of their routine. [Base 30% chance of a Trapezoid accompanying them...]
* Sewer Militia(First Shift of the Day): (1d4) 2nd level fighters, max. HP, Studded leather armor, heavy crossbows and cold-iron short swords. Most also carry 1d4 random tools (hammers, chisels, small shovels, pry-bars, etc.) They are forbidden to carry money while on shift. See the Sewer Militia post for more details.

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