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Triple Circle

The Tripartite Treatise of the Turquoise Titmouse contains within its off-blue pages of thin-shaved fungal-parchment an account of the 'Triple Circle.' In most editions and copies this rite is ascribed to 'Thillidon,' 'Quillodin,' 'Rhillijin,' or one of the obviously spurious Kedradarns, either the Younger, Elder, or The One Who Knew Better. It is only the worm-bound, hand-copied and illuminated recension of this obscure esoteric text that attributes the 'Triple Circle' to a minor occult scholar known only by his pseudonym 'Daarlik.' It is the version of the 'Triple Circle' found only in one of the three extant copies of the worm-bound edition of this text that was adopted into the curriculum of the Academy of Occult Arts & Sciences in Wermspittle.
(NoteOctoscholars do not normally have access to this version of the ritual, and though they would offer to reward handsomely anyone bringing it to them, there is talk of a curse upon anyone doing so, which has curtailed most casual interest in possibly attempting this particular transaction.)

Triple Circle (Variant III: Daarlik's Revision)
Prerequisites: Hex-spindle Defensive Ward, Triple-Shadow, and Ectoplasmic Wall
Prescribed Paraphenalia: Three sticks of 'calcinated bronze,' three lantern-cages (one purple, one orange, one green--either enameled or draped with a suitable cloth), three Koponu.
Favorable Aspects: Via Combusta, any transit with strongly aspected Mutable signs or a predominance of Fire, all conjunctions taking place in a Fire-dominated House or Sign (especially if it involves any Mutable signs).

The Given Procedure
After observing all the usual preparations and oblations, the ritualist is to inscribe the figure of the three intersecting circles, complete with their respective symbols, using one purified stick of 'calcinated bronze' to draw-out each circle, one after the other. No specific order or sequence is offered, but it is considered efficacious to do this moving in a clock-wise fashion, but this may be simple and unimaginative adherence to out-moded dogma.

Once the figure is inscribed, it is then purified with fire, incense and sea water...only the text does not keep these items in strictly the same order, and there is some confusion as to a note specifying '...rain water mixed with sweat...' that has been added into the margins by Daarlik or possibly someone else.

The ritualist then casts the Hex-spindle Ward at the center-junction of the three circles, but holds it in abeyance by sheer act of willpower and concentration. While holding this defensive bulwark at the ready, the caster must use Ectoplasmic Wall to re-inscribe the three-fold figure completely and without error, then cast Triple-Shadow. They are presumed to then allow the Hex-spindle Ward to fully manifest, but the text is vague and does not explicitly say one way or another.

It is at this point that the Koponu lantern-cages are to be unveiled -- of course no previous notation was made that they should indeed be covered, outside of a brief mention that an appropriately colored cloth could be used in place of enameling on the cages. It is also unclear as to how this unveiling is to be accomplished--telekinesis? A pre-arranged signal for the Koponu to drag off their cloths? Assistants who perhaps stand-by each of the lamp-stands and uncover them at the cue or telepathic prompt of the ritualist? The text is frustratingly vague and in some editions quite confusing as in one version of the ritual there is call for moon-raised demi-moths to lift the spun silver-web coverings from the lamp-cages. As to what exactly 'demi-moths,' or even 'spun silver-web' might be, there is no clue or details provided within any of the texts.

In the interplay of the triple-light of the Koponu and the Triple-Shadow spell, the ritualist is to pronounce the three names that go along with the three symbols. This will (allegedly) allow them to open the way across to each of the three paraversal planes known respectively as the Purple Forest, the Ochre Cliff, and the Green Ice. The name transcribed for the Purple Forest is 'Jalhadreah,' however the specific pronunciation is disputed and often left to the student to work out for themselves. The other two symbols are not named in any of the existing texts, necessitating a great deal of research and experimentation on the part of anyone seeking to unlock either of the other paraversal planes accessed by this spell.

It is worth noting that by simply visualizing the respective symbols, one can in fact gain clairvoyant, even clairaudient impressions of the three paraversal planes. Those casters particularly gifted or possessed of suitable mechanisms, apparatus or capabilities have been able to skry across into these regions, while others have successfully projected their consciousness to more fully investigate what actually lies waiting of the other side, though this does necessitate dispensing with the protection afforded by the Hex-spindle Ward.

Performing this ritual allows one to attune to the Purple Forest with minimal extra effort, however without the proper names of the other two paraversal planes it is very difficult to attune one's self to either of them without extraordinary effort and risk of strain, stroke or worse.

What's In It For Me?
A ritualist having successfully performed the 'Triple Circle,' and having attuned themselves to the Purple Forest can begin to draw upon this plane for raw energies, displaced weather effects, transitional terrain effects, and summonable creatures...though all of these applications are dependent upon the caster gaining some sort of knowledge of what is available within that plane, usually by way of clairvoyant, oneiric, or telepathic surveys and explorations. There are also available, in some instances, a number of personal journals and transcribed accounts of other sorcerers' experiments within these regions, some of which might offer up a few clues, hints or even usable sigils for calling forth various entities or effects. Of course, the usual caveats do apply--not all of these works are authentic, and a few might well be perverse traps laid for the unwary by unbalanced personalities or spiteful maguses jealous of their power and knowledge.

It's All About Access...
By opening the way unto another plane, anteplane, adjacent world or parallel realm, the caster gains access to new sources of power and knowledge. Once the connection is made, the caster can further develop their personal connection, attune to this 'other place,' and gain access to items, spells, things, resources and information that they might never have noticed or been able to perceive previously.

There are books that can only be read on these other planes, either by way of dreaming or projection. There are entities that can be communicated with in order to barter secrets or spells, once one has made a connection with them that can only ever come from first opening the way unto their plane of existence.

A caster who has made this sort of connection can learn to summon things across from the other plane to their own, expanding upon their capabilities and options substantially.

In time, the caster may be able to make the transition to this other plane, thus opening up an even greater source of options for their exploration and acquisition of knowledge and power...

A Parting Note of Dubious Merit
Cryptic references in certain suppressed manuscripts and illicit scrolls that tend to get passed around among students and apprentices seem to give the impression that the Orange Circle that corresponds to the so-called 'Ochre Cliff' may in fact be linked to Jalamere...


  1. So much setting info delivered in this one ritual. Great stuff!

    1. Glad you liked it--sorry I missed the comment previously.

  2. The rune on the green circle reminds me of the Zalchis rune. Interesting.

    1. You are the first person to notice that. The 'Green Ice' is a planar wasteland that few have explored. There are spells that draw upon it for various offensive/defensive applications, but so far no one has made any real effort to examine this plane. The connection to Zalchis, if in fact there is one, has not been substantiated, yet. But that rune does suggest some sort of connection.

      There is a whole grimoire of spells and other stuff (including an adventure) connected to this one post that I really need to get back to work on in the near future. The recent hard-drive crash has been quite a spur to get things done and out there.


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